Weird/Annoying Bug with Zane since Crossplay Update

I’ve had this weird bug since the crossplay update. It only seems to happen with Zane.

Anytime I access the Mail under the Social Menu, when I back out to the game it presses the RB button on the controller. Which activates my clone skill, or it will throw a grenade (when equipped). I don’t even have to do anything once I look in the mail menu, returning to game cause it to hit the button.

There has been a time or two when it stopped, and worked just fine. Eventually it always returns. I have a Moze at level 53… it has happened 1 time on her.

More annoying than anything, but just curious anyone having the issue?


Edit: Using Xbox Series X

Yes. On all VH’s, menu exit will sometimes prompt a grenade throw. Not sure why it is sporadic but it happens frequently enough that you have to be careful not to down yourself.

Strangest on Zane as my spec does not throw any grenades so it’s completely unexpected.

My bro… has recently started to play… it don’t happen to him at all. He is using Flak. My flak is only level 6… it never happened on him for the little time I’ve used em.

There has also been times it was fixed after doing a respec. Which makes me think that it is tied to some skill or augment. 98% of the time I use sntl and clone.


I’ve had it happen on mule characters with no skills specced and only basic gear equipped (no relic or com). My guess is it’s something to do with the key/button press registering twice if it’s held down just a moment too long.

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I was thinking something like that also. If I let it sit on the mail for 5 min… when I exit… it will press the RB button.

I’ve also tried changing button assignments, whatever is assigned to the RB, it will do it. Also not a controller issue, using Elite 2 and just got a replacement 2 days ago. Same issue.

Prior to the crossplay update, which was not the last update, but the one before. It was fine, never happened at all. I can say though, the times that it was fixed were times when I had done a respec. Eventually it would come back.

I have actually found the root of this problem. If you use RB too fast when tabbing through the social pages. It will cause it to press the RB. Using LB, you can go fast and it don’t happen to LB.

While this is a BUG in the game, the work-around is go slow with RB when using the social menu. I have tested the bug on my Moze, and it does happen now when using the RB too fast. Nothing serious, just annoying.


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That makes sense - I do tend to spam RB pretty hard when getting to mail. The game must be storing an extra button press somehow.