Weird bank bug, gear keeps coming back

Everyone knows about the disappearing bank bug but… who else experienced my bug where I keep emptying it and selling stuff and when I go back with another character the things I’m ABSOLUTELY sure I’ve sold are back in the bank storage??
For the third time I got rid of all my lvl 57 stuff and it’s in there once again… At this rate I’ll be filthy rich but have nowhere to put my stuff…

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Sometimes I feel like my inventory bugs out and guns switch annointments or I find something in my bank I don’t ever remember picking up.
Maybe I’m going insane.

Do you play on PC? if so, do you have “read-only” set on your profile.sav?

Nope, Xbox one…

If you’re on Xbox, it might be a cloud save glitch. Try emptying your bank. Exiting the game, then sign out of your profile before turning off the Xbox or relaunching the game. Signing out will force a cloud sync and hopefully clear out the old save files.