Weird Bank SDU on Boosted Characters

First time posting here!

So today I decided it was time to play with Axton, but since I have one from my old xbox 360 account choose to make a new one boosted lvl 30 so I can skip most of the early grind. I later found this will bite me back since I don’t really know how to play with Axton.

Anyway later on I discovered that you start with all the green SDU upgrades so far so good, but the bank upgrade isn’t applied you only have 6 slots available, checking the black market wiki found that yes they should be 10 spaces available. Am I the only one with this problem?

Also english is not my first language any grammatical errors or spelling errors i would appreciate your help.

Thanks :grinning:


While your character is boosted starting at level 30 and about to fight Jack and the Warrior, you have not, in fact, actually been to Sanctuary to visit Crazy Earl. Depending on how much eridium they start a boosted character with you might want to just take out Jack and the Warrior first and then start TVHM or use the one way Fast Travel to head back to Sanctuary and visit Crazy Earl to unlock your ammo and bank/backpack upgrades…


The first thing I think I did with the boosted character was hit Crazy Earl’s? Either that, or it was the second thing. Anyway yes, it is odd starting at level 30 but not yet completed the story mission to unlock TVHM and it takes some recalibrating.


When you “Create New Level 30” character, the boosted character starts out with only 6 Bank slots available.

When you buy the Bank Storage Deck Upgrade which costs 12 Eridium at Crazy Earl’s, then you will get the full 12 Bank slots available. It is a glitch that you don’t start with the 10 Bank slots, but they will show up after the first Bank SDU is purchased.


And your English is excellent!


Thanks to everyone for the information and sorry it took me so long to reply( work related stuff) and thanks for the info.


Thanks I’m going to get the upgrade then.