Weird bug everything seems zoomed in slightly?

Hi gearbox!
I recently got the GOTY edition for BL2 and have been enjoying the game but recently i’m not sure how it happened, everything seems to be zoomed in a little too much? the HUD isn’t affected but vision otherwise seems very off. for a little perspective even in the inventory menu, I can usually see the character standing to the right fully alongside the interface but now the right side of the character is cut off by the screen. and it’s more odd when trying to play in game. it’s hard to describe the off feeling it gives but I don’t remember the game feeling like this until just a little while ago.
It’s not my T.V. or settings As I haven’t changed anything and checked settings many times over.
I read the bug fixes where it mentioned players stuck zoomed in after fight for your life but maybe this isnt fixed completely? I also haven’t gotten to the shooty quest yet as im early in the game. starting a new character doesnt do anything and i’ve tried uninstalling the additional content and reinstalling.
any help would be great or even a screenshot of your character (gaige in this case) in the inventory screen or running in game with a pistol so i can be 100% that my view is off.
heres a picture at the inventory

Could be wrong, but it looks like that the aspect ratio is 4:3, instead of widescreen.

On the console, I mean,

like on the ps3 and not the T.V.?
is there a way to change the settings for the ps3 like that?

Yeah. Ment on the PS3. If it happens in other games aswell that would be the culprit.

This link will help you on that (if it is indeed the cause)

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