Weird bug in Capture matches

I’ve been experiencing a certain annoyance and disorienting glitch in the matrix since the big update. Whenever I do a capture match with Deande there’s a weird lag time with her thrown fans/burst dash. It does an odd and discordant double-take with the animation. And I cannot see secure kills. I like securing kills T__T. Before you mention a bad internet connection, I’ve tested other modes and it’s just fine. It’s only capture. Has anyone amongst the rare and few Deande players noticed this?


Okay, just noticed it’s when I’m queued against/with certain people. Is it a a pc/PS4 conflict perhaps?

Mhh, could be lag-related (when green + red bar people are matched such things can happen alot).

Hey @Deande have you played Capture lately and noticed something?

Not at all. I actually haven’t noticed that.
The only thing I notice, is that if another Deande cloaks…it lags you. That is highly annoying

Hm. That’s unfortunate. I suppose it might be a bad connection with certain players. It isn’t like the usual lag where literally everything is sort of skipping all over the place, it’s just her fan animations which is baffling.

I think I may know what you are talking about. Is it the thing where when you see your thrown fan fly away it disappears and then reapers but on a slightly (visually) different trajectory?

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Yes. This. It also on burst dash, hit detection problems.

This bug isn’t new. I first noticed it on the thrown fans months ago. It is most prominent on the double fan at the end of the thrown fan combo and if you pull up you helix tree (in solo story) you can see the effect in slow motion.

What it looks like is your normal melee fans getting thrown a few feet, and then all of a sudden they disappear, teleport, and then reappear as the bright red of the thrown fans (or purple now I guess). This doesn’t appear the be a lag or internet problem from personal experience. I’m not sure if this is a glitch or was a shortcut taken in development, but once you notice it you can’t unnotice it, and it haunts your soul for the rest of existence.

But of course this is a small Deande glitch/problem that I would like fixed. She still has many more glitches that really irk me. Like the one in the character select screen with her leg. And the glitch that lets you get into walls. And a lot of things with the taunts. I could go on but i digress.

Now for burst dash. The hitbox on burst dash is smaller than you would think. It looks like a big sweeping strike, but the actual hitbox is a lot smaller than what visually looks like a hit. Deande’s primary melee combo has the same problem. It’s all just a mess in animations, not necessarily hit detection.

Oh wait… there is a more minor version of the issue I mentioned default, but what I’m talking about is far worse. And yes I know that about burst dash, but during these moments I’ll clearly land a hit, reticle is highlighted and everything, but they don’t take damage. I’m guessing now it’s just a lag issue. If it happens again soon I’ll try to upload a video of it

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