Weird build ideas

I was messing around with different pieces of equipment last night and stumbled across an interesting combination that was effective enough to clear the True Takedown.

For the mobbing section, I used a Mind Sweeper, a Frozen Heart shield with enter/exit IB anoint, a Krakatoa with 160% splash anoint (to boost grenade damage), and a CMT with bonus damage on throw anoint. The DPS output of build was really solid and cryo novas worked well as a crowd control tool and a source of healing. The main drawback was that I kept blowing myself up on the Krakatoa volcanoes, which hit extremely hard with 160% splash anoint.

For the Valks and Wotan, I used 160% splash anointed Scourges, supported by the CMT – which did a surprising amount of work between the 160% splash bonus and Mind Sweeper micro nades.

The next thing I plan on playing around with is a Jackhammer chuck build using a Cutpurse Rocketboots for ammo regen – both to figure out much regen you get from the rocketboots and how much mag size/load influences the damage of the Jackhammer bounces. At this point, I’m just going to slot it into my Tediore chuck build and see what happens, unless folks have other ideas.


not necessarily new or weird. but iv always wanted to see Mine sweeper paired with a facepuncher and corrosivestone white elephant relic. not sure what the damage would be like.

but what stopped me was that i haven’t seen any facepuncher with the splash anoint meaning it doesn’t spawn on it, at least it hasn’t for me and that’s a noticeable loss on the mine sweeper i think.

I have this vague notion that I’ve seen a splash anointed FP, but I will have to check the bank. I tried out a Frozen Heart + FP + Cryo Stone White Elephant combo a while ago, but the damage output was underwhelming. The Shooting Star shield, on the other hand, does output a lot of damage – if you can get the meteors to work.

have you tried it with a mine sweeper+brawler ward? am just curious if the melee bonus applies to the mine sweeper nades, i doubt it but yeah.

the more i’ve been messing with mindsweeper, the more i think its actually the best COM. it requires very good rolls on artifact and COM, but it’s weapon choices are far more open. you don’t have to care about mag size and reloads/trigger holds either, which makes the gameplay much smoother. it just takes time to adjust to the micro-nades range.

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It is definitely fun – doesn’t work in all circumstances (flying enemies, still the issue of knockback), but when it does, it REALLY works.

This may be just because I suck, but I do have a little trouble with blowing myself up when using the Mind Sweeper.

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it would be interesting, but there just isn’t enough there to make it work in M4. because Moze has zero help to melee skill in her trees, there really isn’t an effective way to boost melee damage high enough to get a decent base damage value for proccing mindsweeper in an effective manner.

consecutive hits anointment is the way to go for mobbing. hyperfocus, kybs, redistributor, star helix, krader’s. pick your poison, as MS will work well with all of them. even the hellfire performs really well now.

i thought it would be because i forgot they toned down the ward bonus from 300%. also about minesweeper. when it comes to TTD it has two issues one is that you’ll kill yourself regardless of how careful you are. cause enemies like null hounds tend to jump in your face and if you’re using a tracker chances are it’ll hit and crit whatever’s facing you, you can work around that if you use the transformer and use a shock weapon to an extent but it’s still risky.

second issue is consistency there are times where i’d be chucking nades or critting a heavy and it would slowy chip at their health instead of wiping them out same goes for bosses.

it’s a strong mod i have used it up until takedown was released. but it also can screw up a run more often.

I’m still waiting for the Roughrider meta.

Want to try something cool?
watching Thiccfila trying to beat Wotan TTD speedkill record give an idea of trying the same but with MOZE, currently Moze wotan speedkill record is 1:22 by nolaftw.

This is the build im using

i tried boosting Short fuse as much as its possible but i cant keep up with the ammo consumption without Forge. i need tro try terror ammo regen.

The gun i use is the lucky 7 consecutive hits with auto-crit, explosive bullets and 7 projectiles per shot modifier.
Those lucky 7 modifiers paired with Mind Sweeper (jakobs crit, jakobs dmg and mag size) is brutal.
Snowdrfit Splatter gun with AoE, pistol damage and mag size.
for the double shield phase the lucky seven doesnt perform well, so im going to give the Shock Lob consecutive hits a try.
For the split phase im using the recursion, im still not sure whats the best anointment for it.

Probably this is not possible on ps4 beacause of the fps limitations (and mostly my lack of gaming skills). but my best time so far is 2:33 secs, i went intot ffyl and i lose all the bonus and ended up using quickies and boom sickle in that run.

You should give it a try.

You and me both. I even have one with fleet and trigger happy.

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Nice, my Moze only has a base Roughrider but she can do everything but true Takedown mode, I just need several more skill points.

I’ve done the L7-Mind Sweeper on TTD. Very powerful.

As you said, the trick is not getting downed during the double shield phase. If you can keep auto crit and 7-shot through to the split, it is smooth sailing.

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The double downer deals with all the self downing quite well.

Most of the time with mindsweeper and the DD you’re getting up before the FFYL animation finishes. This is the importance and value of radiation damage. The corpse explosions generate cascading enemy deaths that happen aside from your main target. Additionally, because you’re prioritizing on boosting grenade damage on your COM and artifact, your grenades are actually doing real damage all the time, so again you’re often up before the animation finishes. The best way to facilitate that is ignoring the low health enemies aside from the rushers that charge your face. As you take out the bigger targets, you’re literally dropping bombs on and killing all the small stuff at the same time. Its the same strategy as the redistributor. The priority of targets on the bridge with mindsweeper is deathballs > snipers > badass wardogs > everything else.

The key importance there is that the timer doesnt start to run down until you’re able to fire your weapon, but the DD damage buff still kicks in as soon as you go down. The double downer also seems to rebuild your FFYL time much faster than normal.

While running the DD, my FFYL has never seemed short, even after going down 3-4 times instantly back to back.

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Rather than messing with your L7 rolls mid fight, try a shock hippity hopper for the double shield. Run in, chuck it right under wotan and run away. It will do the rest for you.

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That’s a good advice, I dont think i have one of those but I’ll keep an eye out for it. They drop pretty frequently.

Edit: but I think I have a shock mirv cluster â– â– â– â– , it should work the same right?

it works very well for wot’s shields, i just went for the hippity hopper because it can be deployed from a much safer range. it also has ridiculous base damage (5700 at lvl 53) because it doesn’t actually have a MIRV modifier part and the extra grenades are completely unlisted. its basically a ghast call that’s a little harder to deploy, but comes in all elements, is almost double the damage and can spawn with anointments.

the cluster â– â– â– â–  has to be thrown at the base where the legs meet in order to maximize its effectiveness. when you hit the right spot with it, its extremely effective, but its also a lot more dangerous and requires more precision.

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When I ran lucky 7 I went with BM/SoR talents and 50% shock anoint lucky 7 and marksman com with Jakobs crit, the 2x shield phase was the easiest part of wotan fight, took about 10 shots each to bring down both shield

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interesting. i don’t use that shield that often, i primarily stick to transformers/stopgaps/rechargers. so i will give the downer a whirl.

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Well, apparently you can Rough Ride the True Takedown. Did it on the first try with a Hyperion SMG/Green Monster build. Uploading the run now.

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