Weird flicker at the bottom right of screen

Hello, i’ve been having this weird flickering dot at the bottom right of my screen ever since i changed to DX12 (gave at least a 80+fps increase). I can’t seem to replicate this issue by doing something in-game, it will just happen after an amount of time playing and won’t go away until i close the game and re-open it. Is there anyone else that’s having this issue or anything like it? This doesn’t happen in any other game i play, like Apex, Mordhau and other sorta demanding games. I’ve linked a picture for you circling the problem area.

My computer specs are:
Ryzen 2600
RX 5700 xt
16gb ram

To replicate it, go into the main menu -> options -> visual -> advanced and just keep changing the ‘Material complexity’ (or something like that) setting. I have similar artifacts and when I change the setting they appear much more frequently.

I opened an issue with the same problem. I’m using a Vega 64, so it doesn’t seem to be GPU-specific. It’s also DX12 exclusive for me.

I’ve seen someone else report the same issue with DX12. @Ritual-V - if you can figure out the setting that causes it to occur most reliably, can you please fill out a support ticket with the relevant information? Thanks!

I’ve made a video switching material complexity as @tompapke has said.

It clearly shows that this is the issue with the DX12/Material complexity bug we have been experiencing.

Thanks. Please fill out the support ticket and link to the video - that will help the dev team out.

I just want to add that I don’t know if this bug is related to Material Complexity. Also I also get the artifacts even when I don’t enter the game. Just changing the setting a lot (but remaining in the options menu) will give me lots of artifacts after a while.

Well the main menu is in part of the game, but yeah me too, except it only does it when i change the material complexity, nothing else will do it. Some times changing the material complexity will fix the issue long enough for me to farm a boss for a little bit, or do a mission. But ultimately after i beat the game, i probably won’t play much until this is resolved.

Ye man, same thing on mine 5700xt and ryzen 3700x. Just on left part of the bottom of the screen.It’s also blink like i’m on a rave party)

The same problem only in dx12. In dx11 is ok. I have the aam card sapphire rx 5700 xt

Yeah something fishy is up with amd and dx12, hopefully they fix this really soon, so I can play the game I paid for.

this mornig i testing with my tv, and surprise, not problem, i see a known issue from AMD
Display artifacts may be experienced on some 75hz display configurations on Radeon RX 5700 series graphics system configurations.

my monitor is a dell 75HZ my tv is 60Hz
i think this is the problem
I’m wrong, you also have a 75Hz monitor, you can try a TV or a monitor to get out of doubt.

sorry my bad english

I have a 144hz 1440p display attached to a Vega 64 so I don’t think it’s a display issue.