Weird Gear Visual Glitch When Respawning

So I have never gotten this before so im assuming its because of the update today, but for some reason when im in a pvp match (Both in Meltdown and Incursion) i’ve bought all my gear and then when i die and respawn it’ll show up as not bought and will even show in the right hand corner that i can purchase gear.
here’s what it looks like in the gear menu:

So I’m not sure whats going on but this has been happening all day pretty much.
It’s kinda annoying because you cant press anything so i think the game knows you’ve bought it but its just visually showing you can.

Ok so im looking at the picture and its normal…it wasn’t that way when i was in game…
Is anyone else getting this or is it some weird thing going on on my end…?

This has been going on since before the update, and usually shows up every time you respawn, regardless of mode.

Wow so i’ve just been lucky until today O3o…
Today was the first time i had gotten it, strange but whatever I suppose, imma go back to mike lore challenges *3*

This has happened since beta. Usually after death, and once the full gear loadout has been purchased.

Disappears once you open the gear quick menu or after you exit the spawn room.