Weird glitch on voids edge

So last night I was on a team of 5 randos and we were stomping through voids edge (normal) without much trouble. We got to the bridge at the end where the white swarmers come out, and started taking them out. I was ghalt and shotgunning / trapping those wretched things constantly. The first few waves ended but then another one started. Usually there are only a few waves but these swarmers were persistent. After a few more waves I was starting to wonder if something was wrong. We had all 5 people staked out on the bridge in different positions destroying them quickly as they spawned. After about 10 minutes of killing them over and over I realized it was some kind of loop and was wondering if my teammates were just farming them to jack up score and eventually would run down to objective once they were satisfied with score. I looked around and they all were mindlessly killing these things like zombies in the same pattern. That’s when I started to think I was in a limbo state on the server and suddenly it disconnected and I got the error measage. Just pretty weird overall but I assume other have had some crazy situations like this right before a disconnect?

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Known exploitable glitch from the beginning.
If it was a PvP map they would fix it.

It’s a known glitch that they spawn forever. The disconnect was great timing though.

Really? Ha-ha okay I played this one a lot and never knew about it. Anyways that was kind of my thought at first just farming it but it seemed at some point to glitch out and I wondered how long they were all actually there or if it was the limbo state and nobody was left in the match

As far as I can tell if it doesn’t end the Swarmers when you step on the bridge it spawns infinite swarmers.

Stayed there with my friend for 20 minutes then finished the conservator and then kept killing those Swarmers till the timer fir the kast few minutes popped up.

Also had a glitch that caused the Sentry to get stuck in the air… it was funny cause the Pillar fell done and he got stuck while sobbing “This sucks oh this sucks…”, it was a perfect fit.

The strangest thing was when I shot at him he used his Phrases for taking damage… although he didn’t even take damage.

I could clear the mission since then the Boss Fight started he was set in place, so it really didn’t do any harm.

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…True. We did it again last night and they continue to spawn even after the barrier was open for Wolf.
Kind of pointless to do it for score but we did successfully use it for lore. Great place to rack up numbers.

Since it’s PvE, they’d better not fix it! How else am I going to do all the lore?!

Ice cavern after Geoff.

That one is so much worse. Infinite swarmers ftw!!! ;D

Why? There are infinite swarmers too. And they are weak and don’t explode by themselves.

Last night was the first time that happened to me.

Imagine doing it for Kleese, his Ult kills. You are not going to be able to kill that many enemies at once because you have to lure then away from the big ones and the big ones die if you hit them with your ult too much. So it takes more time to kill fewer enemies that may not be infinite if you kill one of the big guys.
Same goes for Benedicts lore.

Ah, yes, it can be a problem. But in some runs there’s a frozen MX.Striker on that little ladder, big ones can’t go down past him, they just stuck and don’t impede your farming.

I always have the problem that if they can’t reach me, they don’t spawn the little ones.

Strange. When I farmed my lores they spawned little ones when I wasn’t too far away from them. It was in June and a few days ago too.

Then… I was probably doing something wrong. ;p Maybe standing in all the wrong places.

If the glitch on the Void ever gets fixed, I guess I can try that. Thanks for that tip.