Weird graphical glitch

I have experienced this in the past but it was infrequent. Since playing the new DLC I’m seeing it more frequently. I’m not sure what circumstances may cause it to happen but randomly my screen just starts filling with black until I can’t see. Then I turn some and it goes away but it can at times get me killed because it is literally eating the pixels on my screen like a black hole.

Anyone else experienced this? o.O

Yes, infrequently. If I look away far enough so the black is all out of screen, it’s gone when I look back, so I got good at a quick visual dodge that wouldn’t otherwise interrupt the game.

I haven’t noticed it since the recent fix, but wouldn’t call it fixed for another couple of weeks on good behavior.

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Gaming on a 7700K 16GB RTX2080Ti no OC and I’m still having this graphical glitch. I think every time I move the mouse the “black hole” expands but disappears if I look the opposite way.

But the worst are the crashes every 15 minutes or so…

Drivers are up to date. Win 10 OS too. Epic version.

Not sure what to try…

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