Weird grenade that may be a mod?

Joined a random game the other night and a player dropped an odd greande that I think may be modded.
It’s a bandit made lvl 72 explosive quasar with 10186829 damage and 129 blast radius with no listed fuse time. It sorta hovers a metre off the ground, glows red and hits anything near it with electric. I tried it on the handsome sorcerer at OP3 and 2 or 3 grenades at each version and using 1 mag on a fiire sandhawk tore him a new one! Can’t find any info about it so I’m guessing it’s a mod, but I thought you couldnt get this stuff into PS4?

No visible fusetime means its modded.
A normal item without fusetime shows 0.0 on the card.
Quasars are always electric aswell. and it is always Hyperion.

it is modded up the wazoo.

Cool, thanks. I thought it must be due to the insane ammount of damage it does an the weird ass stats!

Sounds like someone hacked a Fastball (Explosive) to take on some of the properties of the Quasar (Shock). The base damage (10186829) sounds about right for a level 72 Fastball (Explosive). Unfortunately, patches won’t prevent all hacked items.

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Cool, thanks for the detailed reply, mystery solved!