Weird interaction with Nimbus/Wedding Invo/Anointed

Every time I use my Phasecast w/ Nimbus on a Anointed and kill him. When I break the corpse I am blown up and killed everytime, extremely frustrating when there should not be anything happening (Very Strange interaction).

What’s the anointment on your Wedding Invitation?

Sounds like Radiation on ASE - I’ve had that happen before when they die while irradiated. I’m careful about it now, lo.

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Yup that’s it. Have rad dmg ASE on my shield and had to learn it the hard way too. You just have to wait a bit before smashing them.

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Seems to be with all dots and how they interact with crystalizing anointed. You just have to wait for the dot to take it’s course before smashing.

Can confirm it’s radiation DOT. For some reason, they do a rad explosion when smashing them that kills you. Wait until the yellow glow effect disappears and they stop screaming, then you’re good.

Could probably also equip any Last Stand artifact just to ensure he can just tank the explosion.

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