Weird issue: Visuals reset every login

Every time I fire up the game and end up on the Play screen, my graphics appear very poor. Also, the cursor is inaccurate and always in the same way: I have to place the cursor about a half-inch above whatever I intend to click on to make it work.

When opening the Visuals menu I see that my settings are still as I left them–Fullscreen and at the highest resolution. My PC has no problem running these settings on this or any other game.

If I hold down X to revert to “default settings,” then the issue is fixed.

But every time I log off and then back on, it starts all over again.

Any ideas?

My issue is my game always reverts on start up to a small window 1066 x 600 no matter what I do. And when I expand it it looks like garbage I have to do it twice for it to go back to normal.