Weird issue with jakobs assault rifles and pistols

So I’ve had this very weird issue idk if it’s only a error on card description or if its actual damage issue. The first time I load in (yes hotfixed are loaded) jakobs pistols will have lower damage than usual but jakobs assault rifles will show stronger numbers. But when I reload and simple back out then back in, pistols have higher damage then assault rifles are lower. Anyone else notice this. Feel free to test it as well. I play on ps4

I’m on Xbox. Hotfixes always loaded. I thought I was imagining changing damage numbers while farming.

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I’m seeing this on PC too. I waited for the “Hotfixes Applied” sign and then loaded into game.

Maggie (on first load):

Maggie (on subsequent loads):

i have already opened a ticked on 2k support so should everyone, nobody cares how many times we write here.


probably a problem with their crap scaling…

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No need to be rude. They read forums as well and I already wrote I ticket I was actually wondering if anyone else saw this

What’s crazy is on the times where pistols are low check your jakobs assault rifles. It’s crazy I like legit gotta see if it’s just a card think cuz on first load jakob assault rifles look amazing lol

how was this rude in any sense? i am completely ignorant of how many levels of offended some people can be tnowadays. it was a general statement addressed to nobody gearbox does not care about what we type here angrily and we better open tickets ;D it did not imply anything you might have or have not done.

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Well you are actually wrong about gearbox not caring what we write here lol how do you think they gauge the interest of the community. They you said def wpn rude only because of how you worded the last part. Gotta wonder was your comment needed like at all?

yes it was needed because people always open million topics here but very seldom open support tickets at 2ksupport. developers first and foremost look into bug reports and technical issues the last thing they ever do is scour general discussion topics which are full of nonsense (usually)

am i nice? no

Yes, I noticed this the day after the hotfixes for pistols and ARs went live. When you first load in, the Jacob’s pistols are buffed some, the ARs are buffed a lot, but after save/quitting, the ARs return to prehotfix damage, and the pistols oddly increase further. I filed my ticket, along with video, and the person handling the ticket said it looked like some sort of conflict between hotfixes. He did say he was kicking it up to the development team, so hopefully it gets fixed, because it’s not just the card values. I’ve tested all of mine on Marcus’s target dummy, and the actual damage values do change, and it’s a big hit on the ARs.

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