Weird Little Tips

Anyone have little things you do that help? For example, jumping at the end of an accelerators buff so the momentum let’s you keep the buff for a while. Any strange microtips?


Ooh, when you have a supply station near a capture point, you can walk in between them for more exp instead of just standing next to the station. Walk just to the edge of the supply stations aoe and then back to the capture pad for like 3 seconds to getc an extra few exp


Le Bomb

At times everything in Advanced Story mode is tossing bombs at you.
On the first part of Helio it can be pretty twisted as it is on the first part of Void’s Edge and The Sentinel.

Rather than have your team taken out by a hail of flying bombs…
Get someone into the crowd to break it up. Someone that is easy to revive, not Toby or Kleese!
This gives the team enough time to take out the bomb tossers and revive you.

Teleporting to base when near a supply station. Yeah, this sounds counter-productive, but if you’re being chased they’ll keep coming if you run and if you stop they’ll kill you, if you stop at a supply station however often they’ll just leave you alone but sometimes they’ll engage, and often when they engage they’ll target the supply station oblivious to the fact that you’re about to safely teleport home and reset. Knowing their position gives you a big advantage too, you know where you left them and you can begin scouting them out as they’re likely doing the same in anticipation of your return. Then it’s like watching Enemy at the Gates, except you’re playing it not watching it. Bonus points if you’re Marquis.

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Interesting. I wouldn’t have thought of precise sacrifice

Yes, I love this. Almost necessary with a Pendles

One weird trick to keep Cthulhu from devouring your soul.

Easy. Make a fake Cthulu to distract it but then they fall in loooove (jean-ralphio voice)

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Looooooove Parks & Rec!

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I just finished like my eighth watchthrough lol

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