Weird loyalty reward hopes

am i the only one hoping for some we happy few heads and skins. i mean the minecraft ones were cool, just hide some joy some where that grants the skins.

I’m just sitting over here waiting for a Rhonda Rousey skin for Amara…don’t mind me :wink:

I wouldn’t mind some Battleborn cosmetics

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They probably won’t do Battleborn cosmetics because that game didn’t have a huge player base and since it’s older now they can’t really make any extra money off marketing it in BL3 so it wouldn’t make much sense for them to spend time creating those cosmetics.

Cosmetics in this case would be to sort of pay tribute to older games. Not a crossover to get people into the other game like they did with that Fortnite thing.

They did Borderland skins for Battleborn plus a few easter eggs. They put a Battleborn easter egg (probably more) into Borderlands3, so I hope they do some skins or heads that reference Battleborn.

They have heads that reference pop icons… like Zane’s Devil May Cry and Metal Gear Solid heads, so why not have cosmetics referencing gearbox’s past games.
Imagine Duke Nukem or Samba de Amigo heads haha