Weird problem with arms race Co-op

Anybody else having problems with splitscreen co-op in arms race? It’s harder (of course) but LESS rewarding then single play somehow… Haven’t even gotten close to the end, and even when we get to chests or kill badasses they drop jack ■■■■! Nothing! Just trash! Way better and more loot if I go single. How can that be??

It works this way no matter how I play

Solo, splitscreen, 2 or 3 or 4 player co-op.
Just countless garbage tier weapons.
So fun, So ground breaking

Yeah something is wrong youtubers that were playing a week ago were getting alot of legendaries i have done 10 runs not one single legendary besides the new loot my guess is they patched it where loot rarely drops we have been hoodwinked by youtubers again go back and look at their 4th skill tree builds a couple of weeks ago they kept saying how good they were and powerful they said iron cub could kill wotan fast forward till now and boom iron cub does no damage fl4ks tree is just for gamma burst pet atleast zane and amaras are good we were duped by youtubers to buy this content.


Yeah. That’s weird. I have never gotten an equippable legendary in Arms Race. If you look at the streamers before launch, getting an equippable legendary seems COMMON.