Weird problem with Moze

I have built my Moze around radiation and splash and I notice that a lot of times when I clear an area after everyone is dead I will take phantom damage like I just got hit really hard. I was using a class mod for a while that had a chance of dropping a grenade so I though maybe the mod was dropping a grenade where I stood but I got rid of it and its still happening.
I wont be near any of the enemies that died either thats whats weird.


I have this issue sometimes, most often when farming Graveward. When I kill him, I get some sort of reflected splash damage. It’s usually enough to one shot me into FFYL. The strangest thing is that I’m running a last stand artifact which should stop me from being downed. It’s bypassing healthgate. So maybe it’s self damage or overkill reflecting?


It happened to me a few time after killing Chupacabratch, the Hammerlock hunt on Athenas. Once with Graveward I think.
The last time it haapend with Chupa I was able to move away and it stopped. Moving closer to where it died made it start again. After a little wait I was able to get my loot safely.
No idea what causing it. I thought it was a special leech power from that specific foe but doesn’t seem like it.

With chupa I’m pretty sure it’s radiation. It bubbles with radiation after dying. If you go near the area, you can get hit by the radiation.

The graveward thing, I’m not sure I’ve never had it happen. If you get hit by one of the corrosive balls, the dots can outlast Last Stand or Stop Gap. Other than that :man_shrugging:

I don’t know if it was due to radiation. What I remember is seeing “red stuff” (hearts?) flowing out of me (toward the dead foe) and my health bar decreasing at an alarming fast rate.
Wasn’t just radiation for sure.

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Oh, that might actually be his blood sucking thing then as you mentioned.

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Chupas body does life leech for a bit its normal and happens regardless how you kill it.


Yeah, I thought they were talking about a sudden large amount damage. I have never been substantially hurt by Chupa’s drain.

Nah, it’s not the balls. It’s on kill. Only happens if I’m super close, almost under the vault entrance.
It’s annoying and common enough that I kill GW in IB so I can tank the hit.

Only happens to that one Moze though so far.
I’ll have to get some video evidence.

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Is it happening in water?

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You’re talking bout accidentally causing status puddles in water? Not for me at least. Can’t speak for old mate.

This Gravy thing is instant. OHK hitting about 30k or so. Exactly on the moment his HP hits zero.

Aurelia has done it to me once or twice.

I used to think it was the splash ricochet effect on the Juliet’s Dazzle combined with overkill. But to get it so consistently from Graveward seems unlikely.

Thought I was replying to op. GeeDubs has no watet :joy::sob:

You should get a video of it, I’ve never had this happen.

With Graveward, the Vault Door has caused me issues before so I tend to stay away from that area when I kill him. It can launch you, sink you through the platform, and if I remember right straight up kill you (crush?) I can’t really remember though.

There has got to be something going on with your class though. If you can record it I’d like to see it.

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I’ll try to get it to happen next time I’m playing. The vault door seems to be the culprit, I agree.


Happens at the end of this clip


I could be wrong but it look like the explosion from the Lob.

Are you using TCP

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this is a graveward bug on at least PC. it happens intermittently, and I haven’t been able to determine what causes it, but essentially on death, GW has some sort of explosion on death that if you’re too close to the front of the platform will hit you. sometimes it doesn’t deal damage, but most of the time its a guaranteed KO. it also seems to be affected by the “enemy explosions have a larger radius” mayhem modifier. it’s real, and annoying, but of no real consequence. it’s not caused by any specific weapon, either. i’ve been hit by it using a kybs, exiting IB on kill, quickies, hedgehogs, conference calls, etc.

not sure about these other instances though.


Not at all.

I mistook Traunt exploding for your weapon’s explosion.

@sonicgundam is right about it probably being the modifier adding to it.

I did a bunch of TCP testing a while ago, and wondered why exactly the Jericho almost always kills you if you fire a couple shots off. Turns out, the explosion animation you see isn’t the actual size of the explosion. I came to the conclusion that when the game doubles splash radius, it doesn’t accurately show the corresponding circumference of the explosion. It’s like they have a limit on how large explosions can be. It might do it for some other explosions without the boost and is exaggerated when the radius is increased.

I’m not sure if this is console limitation / graphics settings on pc, or if the game is just baked that way for giggles.

edit: or possibly a shockwave?

The explosion on the left pops at the exact frame you take damage. It doesn’t look like it hits you, but it does.

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