Weird Purple Relic

Hyperious just dropped a weird Purple Relic…never seen one like this in all my time gaming.

37% Melee Damage
35% Override Cooldown Rate

Have no idea what it would be good for.

Some sort of Melee charecter that needs to override their cooldown?

which seems so counterproductive to me.

but this game has some weird combos so I’m sure it’s valuable to someone.

The override cooldown bonus applies to just 2 or 3 characters from what I remember. One is definitely Sal with his Fistful of Hurt skill. Epic uppercut that clears enemies out! :smiley:

Maya has the skill ‘Scorn’ which fires a slow moving ball of Slag and you can improve the cool down on that too.

Krieg has Hellfire Halitosis which allows him to breathe fire on people in front of him. It’s not very good and iirc doesn’t scale very well not to mention enemies gaining immunity to fire in some cases.

Think that’s it!


Unfortunately that relic is not very good as there’s better choices even for the characters it would work on.

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Sounds like a better version of a relic I use on my melee zero. More melee damage and can get into deception sooner. win win.

It doesn’t affect AS cooldown, just melee overrides like Krieg’s Hellfire Halitosis, Maya’s Scorn, and Sal’s Fistful of Hurt.

Ok thanks. I might be thinking of something else. The relic I’m referring to reduces my cooldown between deceptions from 15 seconds to about 11 seconds.

There are cooldown relics, like Bones of the Ancients, but they affect the AS.

I use that relic with Maya quite often, specifically to keep Scorn up. When I’m going into somewhere that’s rife with JET, RPG, or any other bots that might throw a rocket barrage at me, I use Scorn to shoot these attacks down. It also allows me to not equip a slag weapon, freeing up that fourth slot for something fun. Ruin is good, but it’s not enough on its own for me for full time slag duty (where Scorn, especially all hopped up on this relic and used in tandem with Ruin, is).

…I think it’s made for Salvador’s Fistful of Hurt, but I otherwise get why almost nobody else likes it.

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Not a very useful relic, especially in UVHM, but it does have its uses in a few niche builds like what Adabiviak mentioned. For the most part though all melee relics are throwaways.