Weird Red Bar in Public Story

I just played public story recently and I had a red bar. I was rolling my eyes cause I thought I would be having a bad time for the next 30 mins or so but turns out there was no lag at all! Anyone else experienced this?

I went to a red bar once. It’s in New York City.

I often have matches and games on yellow and red bar…
It doesn’t always mean consistent lag, just a bit of staggered running or slow response occasionally…

Sometimes it’s completely unnoticeable, though I’m not sure what it’s like to play on flawless green bars, as I’ve never had that in Australia…

But sometimes red means I’m not far off being disconnected, so even if things seem to be going well, I hope I don’t ghost out on the team I’m with…

It happened in a match this afternoon, red bar start, disconnected near the end…
Sorry to the team of randoms that would have found themselves down a player, as I couldn’t reconnect, sigh.


Keep your fingers crossed! Maybe they will address it this Thursday! This should be a priority actually!

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…Very pleasant reply.
A few of my Steam Friends are in Australia, they have the same problem but are so awesome it breaks my heart.

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I had red bars during the Heliophage the other day, which is weird considering I have had consistent green bars from day one. The mission suffered for it, too, but I chalked it up to a server.

This was just now, the red conn is a great person in Australia the conn other than me is South Korea:
(They didn’t complain, everyone did their best, GG)

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I´m from Germany and I´ve always red/yellow conn-bar, since the internet-connection in our area is really bad. Most of my german friends have no issues at all, but it depends alot on location here.

I guess a bad connection can come from almost everything - a defect glassfiber in your area, defect servers or relays, strange rerouting due to a broken connection, server-reset, router-issues, webprovider employee pushed a button, sunspots, the Illuminates, micro black holes, ect…

I´ll keep an eye out on the connection-bars of my fellow teammates, I hope its no widespread issue o.o

Today has been the worst since launch. 4 / 5 games myself and my friend both had the lowest red possible. Very unplayable. There were also problems when being matched up. Even when it found another team it still stated it was searching for opposition. So possible server issues? Or some other internet related problems around.