Weird Red Jabber behavior

Not sure if its just me or its the hellwalker shotgun, but while farming Red Jabber(normal,M3), if I get him down to low health, he starts to spaz out, fly around (almost like he climbs away but on nothing) then disappears off the map. It’s happened a few times and its really annoying when I’m barely even getting grenade mods

picture of Red on his little flight

I’m having the same issue actually and hilariously I’m also using the hellwalker. I think you have to avoid making him ragdoll. Seems like the same issue that Lavender Crawley had with being launched.

This has happened to me too, using either the quasar granade mod and a laser-sploder.
Really hurts the farming

I’m also seeing this issue, I was using The Horizon Shotgun and I don’t remember which grenade I was using. Was able to get around it by only using SMG/Pistol, and avoiding “blasts”. Seemed like Red Jabber has a bad response to blasts.

Anything with a knockback on it can send him into orbit including launchers, Shotguns, Grenades, etc.