Weird stuttering

Just bought Battleborn and fired up the game. The cutscenes were playing smoothly, but after getting in game I´m getting stuttering (like packet loss?) every few seconds. The FPS according to steam was staying well over 120. I´ve tried all kinds of different video settings, checked that I have latest drivers, but nothing helps. Every other game I have (overwatch, borderlands 1/2/pre-sequel, etc.) work smoothly. Is this a common problem that you guys might know a fix to? My GPU is Nvidia GTX 1060.

Would love try play this game, but it is really not playable with the stuttering.

I assume you’re playing the Prologue? If so, then I think you’ll find most of the Tempest-themed (Outskirts, Echelon, etc.) maps tend to lag a bit. But if it was on another map or mission I have no idea.

Yes, in the prologue and the first story mission.

The Algorithm is sometimes a bit framey for me, but not much. Have you tried doing a private match on one of the multiplayer maps?

But it doesn´t really seem to be an FPS/performance problem to me. I have good FPS (according to steam), I can´t see any FPS drops(again according to steam) and the stuttering is like every 4 seconds like clockwork. I would think this is a problem with my computer, but this only happens in Battleborn.

I will however try the multiplayer map to see if it is any different.

If it’s that reliably timed - that’s really weird. I dunno then. If you have the same problem with the multiplayer maps then try submitting a support ticket, get someone who knows a bit more than me.

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Here is video of the stuttering:

Whoa. Okay, that’s really weird. I’ve never seen that before. I’ll link you below the support link - there isn’t anything I can help out with here.

Yeah I already did. Hopefully they can find some solution :confused:

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