Weird Terror thing that made my Hellwalker Accurate like a OnePumpChump

So Im playing a Slaughter and im noticing some weird effects with Terror and my accuracy. Sometimes it makes me less accurate, and other times it makes my Hellwalker seem like a dang One Pump Chump. Really would love someone to explain this to me cause im dumbfounded.

I can explain it better by showing:

Also here is the build and gear I was using:

(Sorry for showing build and the clip in separate videos I had to use Playstation for my recording and didnt feel like downloading share factory to edit)

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your reticle is okay, it is lower due to your accuracy perks (in artifact). then the more terror stack (max stack is 3) you have the more decrease on you’re accuracy and handling. it changes due to how many terror stacks you have.

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Noticed the same while fighting Aurelia with a Hellwalker, the circle suddenly got really small and there is not anointment or anything that would do this.

There is an “accuracy” build on Zane that do the same. Very fun.

But i thought terror made accuracy worse? So why would the gun become more accurate after I get terror stacks? Theoretically Shouldn’t my best accuracy be when I have no terror stacks and my worse accuracy be when i have max terror? At least thats what I thought but then I sometimes get that supper accurate shot while I still have terror stacked.
Again if im wrong please correct me, I want to learn more and i dont want to spread false info