Weird Transparencies

I took a short break from playing HW:R, due to work or other stuff I can’t recall. Anyway, when I returned to play (without re-installing or anything weird like that), I noticed this little issue. I had some mods installed, that I promptly removed, and had no luck, so I deleted my entire local data and re-downloaded the game… several times. Messed with all the settings, and still haven’t seen a change in this behaviour.

Here’s a quick video showing it off; it affects all units and it seems to be random which object’s faces are facing which direction. I’ll often see explosions and engine trails through hulls, and turrets will flicker from one side to the other. I’m perplexed. If you’d like some more videos I can easily (and unfortunately) replicate this 100% of the time.

Also, I’m running an i7 4790k, GTX 780 (OC’d), and all my drivers are up to date on Windows 8.1.


Thanks in advance.

This happens when you have any overlay apps running: MSI Afterburner, Trillian, etc. Sometimes it isn’t even obvious. This is essentially just a Z-buffer lost/dropped issue. Some of the tools that try to jump into the middle of our display chain don’t understand how to put things back, and bad visuals are the result.


Well that was an embarrassingly simple solution. I had afterburner running. Never thought to turn it off =/ That deserves a derp. Thanks a lot BitVenom!

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You can actually keep Afterburner Running while playing, I had the same problem at release of the game and pointed the solution out to some others :wink: Afterburner uses the Rivatuner Statistics Server for its overlay so you can simply open that application up and create a profile for HW:RM and disable the OSD for that particular profile, that way you can keep Afterburner running while playing without it causing any visual glitches in the game.

If you need help with setting RTSS up just let me know and I’ll post some screenshots.


EXCELLENT advice sir!

Thanks :slight_smile: and thank YOU for your excellent work on improving the game, its very much appreciated !