Weird Twitter Accounts

So has anyone else seen those weird in-character Battleborn Twitter accounts? They all have handles along the lines of “@charactername_txt” and just sort of swear at each other and make dirty jokes.

Who should I be blaming/thanking for these? I’m looking at you @Benedict_87.


Gives most innocent look towards @Genericktag.
Who? Me?

Breaking Character…
Although I’ve thought about creating a Benedict Twitter on occasion, I have not actually done so.

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MINREC cracks me up on twitter pretty often.


OMG Benedict needs twitter though! What if the other Battleborn are talking bad about him behind his back!!!

Benedict, this is SERIOUS! Maybe TOBY has a twitter! He would def use it to make fun of you. :open_mouth:

I think it’s called “Role Tweeting,” and I think they’re hilarious.

I’m a big fan of @nova_txt and @Pendles_txt too.