Weird visual effects on Zane

Is anyone else getting strange visual effects on Zane when using action skills, especially swapping with clone? I’ve had this pop up intermittently in the past, but it seems to be every time now since the latest patch.

Yes, I just noticed it, too. I didn’t get the game until March of this year and didn’t notice this happening until yesterday or so.
I’ve had weird issues with my hardware and visual artifacting (that I fixed), but this was a while ago. I was worried it was my card going, but it seems it’s some sort of bug or strange visual effect from something. I’m obviously not under my barrier, so it couldn’t be that.

Off topic: My maps were always not scaled right but my skill menu was. With the latest “patch,” my skill menu is now unusable, so I have to keep switching to my top display to look at it…