Weirdest farming luck ever!

Just wanted to share my really weird farming session I had a min ago. I’ve never had one like it! Basically I finished up my TVHM run with my Siren. And having only ever gotten like 2 or 3 legenderies from The Warrior in the past (none of them guns) I was really suprised to see that I’d gotten a Conference Call on my 1st attempt! (By which I mean it dropped in story mode, after having beaten Jack. Not while farming just The Warrior).
Later on I decided I’d go farming for The Bee & Infinity. From experience I know Doc Mercy has a good drop rate & in the past it hasn’t taken me ever so long to get The Bee. And I decided to go for The Bee first. But this time I really don’t know what was going on! Cuz I spent over 2 hours farming Hunter & the Treants but not one Bee dropped!
Has anyone ever had such weird luck during a session??

Farmed Bee for over 3 hours @boneyard with no luck. Farmed Treants for ~an hour 5 bees.

Praise RNGesus.

Cc off handsome sorcerers daughter didn’t know it was in her loot pool

LOL kids… i have been farming the bunker for 7 hours i dont saw any shame…after that i was needed to calm down so i go for the final boss of the tiny tina dlc the gret magicia…you know what legendary he give to me? A shame… WTF GEARBOX (ty I LOVE THAT)