Weisenheimer and company

There are these Hyperion SMGs that have the Maliwan barrel and an element, they are Supposedly incredibly rare. I tried looking up more information on them and how rare they actually are, but I couldn’t find anything other than vague speculation. Is this a myth or is there truth in this? How rare are these Maliwan-barreled SMGs?

I can in fact confirm that these weapons do exist. I would like to offer you video proof but i am unaware of the site policies regarding links to youtube videos. If you’d like you can send me a private message and i can send you the link. I am also in search of these smg’s. Best of luck. :smile:

I’m not sure what kind of info you’re looking for. They are pretty rare, but I can’t give you any specific figures or anything. FWIW, here’s a Weisenheimer I found in a vendor around a year ago. I’ve seen others since then, but I don’t usually take screenshots of them. I posted this pic in the old forums because it was purple, OP8 and in a vendor.

If in doubt, you can just PM one of the mods like @Kitty_Jo or @Psychichazard Generally, as long as the video isn’t using data-mined information or 3rd-party software hacks, it should be fine.

And that’s one really interesting looking SMG, @JamesJ - good find!

Yeah, avoid channels carrying hacks etc, you’ll be fine.

Oh don’t worry about that, I know they exist and I’ve gotten a few to drop myself. I was just wondering how rare they exactly are. Still wanna watch that video you mentioned though.

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Exact figures are exactly what I am looking for

No worries, i’ll send you the link :smiley:

Right, so according to Ki11er Six in this video (6:15), the Diamond Weisenheimer has a chance of 0.05% to drop, while the Cobra (which is kind of the standard of rare drops now) is a 0.065% to drop. I think I’ve gotten the general idea of how rare a regular blue/purple Weisenheimer is, I’d say somewhere between 0.08 and 0.1 from any loot source! (of course this is without any calculations, which is what I was trying to get in this post, but didn’t really get)

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In a nutshell, yup :smile:

I got a purple one when iI was farming Terra.

I got a purple level 72 one from Mr. Tinder Snowflake today while farming the loot train. Terrible parts, ugly as sin, so-so stats:

If I hadn’t read this thread recently I wouldn’t even know it was anything special. I already sold it, but at least I took a picture, just because it’s so rare. I honestly don’t remember if I ever saw one these drop before this one.

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Thought i’d give you, and all others a little hope that if you grind hard enough, it is possible to find a Weisenheimer :smile: - Found 03/21/2015 In Frostburn Canyon Chest overlooking the fast travel. Happy Hunting :gem:

I got a Weisenheimer from Buttstalion once. Can’t remember if it was a Diamond one.

Got a similar base prefixed version from Hunter H while farming the bee. I almost left it behind since my focus was on the bee to the left. LOL.