Welcome Harper to Bunkers & Badasses!

A quick note. if this is the wrong place for this topic, let me know. I tried searching, but couldn’t find a topic for fan-related content for all things Borderlands.

For those that don’t know. I absolutely love tabletop gaming and the Borderlands series is my favorite game series of all time. So, I’ve been designing a fan-made Bunkers & Badasses tabletop RPG that will be available for all fans to play. The system will have a focus on fast and fun mayhem, that’s easy for anyone to learn and play.

Here is a link to our first character, Harper. She’s the Major General, which will functionally work as the Soldier class.


Got you moved to a likely spot. Cheers!


Thank you!

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Looking forwards to seeing the 1st “adventure” for this!

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Thank you! I’m excited to share what is in store for this adventure! Much like the Tales From the Borderlands video game, I’m looking to expand the scope of what Borderlands is and could be, with still paying respects to what material is out there.


Holy crap you just inspired me to draw something.

Thank you @Enderborn1! I’m happy to hear that! What are you inspired to draw?


When I’m bored I create characters, and I took notes a while ago about a Siren character with a charge-like ability (Phasecharge), she’s extremely fast, wields a massive two-handed Katana and is addicted to Eridium.
Never got to drawing her, but you inspired me to do it !


That’s really awesome! I hope I get to see her illustration!