Welcome New Moderators: Derch and Giuvito!

Hey Everyone,

The past week and a half or so has been pretty crazy. The Battleborn CTT was a resounding success and the response was literally overwhelming! With it all said and done, we finished with some great feedback from you all, as well as some amazing growth in our forum user base. The team in the studio is already hard at work sifting through the community feedback and making Battleborn even better because of it. But the work doesn’t end there …

We here at Gearbox pride ourselves on having the best community in gaming, and much of that stems from our forums. Because of our unparalleled volunteer staff of moderators, the Gearbox forums are one of the most welcoming and informative communities out there. With the success of the CTT and the influx of new members (welcome to you all, by the way!), it has become necessary for us to add to the moderator ranks.

As such, on behalf of Gearbox and the forum staff, I’d like to welcome @Giuvito and @Derch to our moderator team! Giuvito and Derch have recently shown us that they have what it takes to help us make our great community even better – and at the perfect time. The coming weeks will be exciting and busy for all of us. We will welcome even more new members and we are fortunate that Giuvito and Derch have agreed to help us lead the charge! They will be here to help ensure that the rules are followed and everyone enjoys their time on the forums. Please show them the same respect that you would show to any of our other mods or GBX staff.

Thank you all for being the most badass community out there!


Giuvito a complete Gentleman. He will do a great job, pretty sure of that.
And dersh, SELLOUT!!!. Nah, my congrats as well, I hope this is not part of his EVIL WORLD DOMINATION PLAN!!!

btw, GBX loves us <3


You’re a super sellout now :P. Grats.

This makes you even more gentlemanly, Grats to you aswell my friend.


Inb4 derch instates a strict “Derch” policy that applies to every second word.


I wouldn’t do that, I would ban for pants wearing maybe…


You should talk with Randy Derchford and tell him:

“Randy, your new games must include a new line in your EULA’s, a NPA: No Pants Agreement, thou shall not wear pants”


So finally he is a Moderchator now.

And glad to see you both on the Purple team @Giuvito @Derch. Well deserved.


You’re too kind X. :smile:

Hah! Thanks. The invitation was a top hat with the words “We know.” on it. Not going to say what the print was.

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now there is no place left to escape from the Derch-anator !!!

Congratz guys

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So does this make the Unofficial Gaerbox Discord slightly more Official now? Since the founder of it is a GBX Moderator.


Congrats you two!! May the forums feel the wrath of your mighty sword/hammer. Whatever you smite them with. :slight_smile:

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I hope you guys know what you’re in for.


Candy canes.



Limos, groupies, mustaches, and monocles?


Best weapon choice ever.

This is a good question. While @Derch is certainly Gearbox official, alas, the Discord server is still not so lucky. It may remain the “wild west” of the GBX community as it has always been. ;D

While my power here is limited, my power there knows no bounds