"Welcome to casa de Orendi" Never heard line!

I was playing on meltdown with Orendi and when I teleported back to nova, I heard a line I’ve never heard. for having around 70 matches with Orendi, this surprised the hell out of me.

it’s around the 0:20 mark


You’ve never heard that one?!

Fair enough… I STILL haven’t gotten the Sentry to flip me off…

awwwww i was hoping this would be a ninja’d in voice line and I was going to be the first one to share it :confused:

and lol I get flipped off like once a week depending how much I play

Man I love it when the VA does her voice like that.

@HandsomeCam: Ruining hopes and dreams since 1990.

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Ashly Burch does an amazing job.


I hadn’t played Oscar Mike in months, and only played him briefly while mastering him (and shortly after) but I never knew how much he really really really really disliked Miko.

I didn’t even know these were a thing. time to watch all the Deande quotes

oh wow I never knew how hilarious it is listening to her for 23 minutes. i love it


You didn’t know these existed? Canadian scrub :I

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You’re welcome.

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I only heard it in the last month or so too. And Orendi’s my favourite character.

*cough dont need culling to kill you *cough

I have a sore throat just listening to her doing this for 18 minutes straight :mask:

Now for the real challenge. 55 straight minutes of ISIC’s dialogue.

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It wasn’t a challenge with Deande, I highly doubt it will be with ISIC. Imma put that on at work tomorrow.

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Real talk? This literally sounds like and Orendi conversation all the way through, like she’s just sitting in a corner saying all this stuff in one go.

I like Rath’s one, where he says to Attikus “Myyyyy you voice is… eerly familiar” this man taking jabs at himself

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Who’s up for board games.

That’s like her greatest line.

Also your voice line is why diff from mine.

She’s also Chloe from (the badly written) video game “Life is Strange”, Tiny Tina from (the incredibly awesome) video game “Borderlands 2” and - most surprisingly - she recently voiced Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain.