Welcome to Slaughterstar mission a no-show

I am on my tvhm play through, all main story missions completed. Only side missions left to do are eridian trials and Slaughterstar 3000. However the “Welcome to Slaughterstar 3000” mission will not show up on my missions list, nor is it in my completed missions list. I played through it with my friend as host and it still won’t show up. Can anyone help?
Edit: I can navigate to Slaughterstar via Sanctuary but cannot use the drop pod

Check the mission board (on Nekrotafeyo ) where it’s given?


The mission does not show up on any map for me. I have gone around the world(s) looking for it to no avail. At this point, it’s the only mission I have to do to get the platinum trophy and it’s beginning to irritate me that it will not show up.
Edit: went through and did an eridian trial for a second time and it triggered the side missions and platinum trophy. Still cannot get into Slaughterstar, but I’m no longer irate lol