Welcome to Surrenderborn - Done with this

I haven’t played a game in the last week where there wasn’t a surrender to resolve the game. Not one time. I’m done with this. This was a great game ruined by a community of sore losers. I’m not waiting for over five minutes to get on a server with people who won’t play a complete game anymore. That goes for when I’m on a winning side, too. The game clock is set to 30 minutes and I haven’t played a single game that got close to 20 because people throw in the towel constantly.

That being said, they shouldn’t have had the option in the first place. Gearbox, why was the surrender function EVER considered? The more I think about it, the less sense it makes. If you wanted people to not quit, punish early quitters some other way than punishing the rest of the team by being a man down. Or allow people to enter mid-game, something, ANYTHING other than a surrender vote. The way it is now sucks the fun out of it, win or lose.

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