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(Influencer Guy) #41

Click the person’s name whom you’re trying to PM and it should be in the top left corner of their user card. If you don’t see it, you may have to reach trust level 1 (which is super easy).

Dlcs not appearing on Xbox 360
(Nakamura14) #42

Yep, that’s it. Thanks! Worked when I checked again after I had the grand total of 1 posts, haha.


Grats on a flashy new forum. Looks very responsive and cms-like.

I tried to have a pw generator create a forum pw with special characters but I suppose this Shift doesn’t like that?
Besides the 8 char limit I found no other pw instructions at least.

(Influencer Guy) #44

@Bjens- that’s possible. TBH, we didn’t really do any testing w/ pw gens using special characters. If that was your experience though, that’s really good to know! Thanks for passing that along and welcome to the new forums!


I don’t think it’s pw gens in particular, rather special character support at all. I might have overdone it in my attempt, I didn’t try just a single special char, or a few specific ones.

Anyway, it was just my first observation. If it’s a simple binary switch (enable/disable) I would check it out sooner rather than later at least. I’m pretty sure it will save you somekinda headache in the long run. This “shift” seems somewhat ambitious considering some people arriving on the forum have users from before, and this Steam account linking etc.

Sometimes just supporting it is a security feature in itself. Gives more options to factor in.

(I'm back! Somewhat!) #46

Hey guys, TheRandomGoth signing in to the new forums! Love the way they look!

However, what’s happened to my old stuff? I signed into my SHIFT account only for my username to change. Any help would be highly appreciated. I WANT MY CARACH ANGREN PROFILE PIC BACK!

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to ask for help this early on!

(Watcher on the wall) #47

Hey bud. Not sure what you mean by “old stuff” but if you thought all your posts and what not were going to come with you, Im sorry to say thats not the case. Everyone is starting a-new here.
But to change your name back to what it was on the other forums, just visit this link. https://shift.gearboxsoftware.com
Sign in. Or if youre already signed in, it should give you the option to change your display name,

(I'm back! Somewhat!) #48

Cheers Kitty, that clears it up. I’ll get on that now.

Yeah, that’s better!

I am slightly disappointed that my user notes have gone though, is it possible to make them on here?

(Influencer Guy) #49

Welcome @TheRandomGoth!

(I'm back! Somewhat!) #50

Thanks @joekgbx already liking these new forums. They seem so much easier to use for some reason!

(Influencer Guy) #51

That’s been the consensus from almost everyone who’s actually signed up and given them a fair chance.

I know we as mods/admins are enjoying it more because it involves less “work” for us and allows us more time to actually interact with everyone. It’s really a great system.

(Nick21000) #52

I knew almost nothing about this change, as I just recently started revisting the old forums… This is strange. Plus, I MISS THE OLD FORUMS. :sob: I’ll get better though.

(Influencer Guy) #53

Welcome aboard, @Nick21000!

(I'm back! Somewhat!) #54

Fair enough, less work is good!

(Influencer Guy) #55

Yea, less technical work and more of the work that actually matters, which is a good thing of course.

(I'm back! Somewhat!) #56

Yep, can’t argue with that :smile:

(Super Sajuuk) #57

Hi, I recently signed up to these new forums (I think I registered on the older ones), but I’m not a fan of Discourse for the fact that it basically doesn’t work in mobile and needs cutting edge browsers to actually work. Nevertheless, maybe my perception of the software will change if Gearbox has the staff to improve the major flaws in the software. :smile:

(Influencer Guy) #58

Hey @SuperSajuuk! Thanks for signing up and for giving the new forums a chance. FWIW, a major part of my job is making sure these forums (and the mobile version) are Ultimate Badass and together with a team of awesome people, we’re working on making them better everyday. It’s definitely a work-in-progress, but we’re getting there. I love getting all kinds of feedback about the user experience, so thanks for that input!
We have a feedback thread here too, so feel free to check that out. Thanks again and welcome aboard!

(Super Sajuuk) #59

@joekgbx Hey, good to hear! The main gripe I have with Discourse is the fact that staff don’t have any control over who gets moderator powers, leaving that up to the software. I feel that the decision on who gets to close and sticky anyone else’s threads, as well as removing them from view, should be up to staff. All it takes is for someone to write a script (which I’m told has happened on Discourse’s official forums) to get through all the trust levels and they’re an instant moderator.

Will this be addressed by yourselves or will @codinghorror be able to provide a way to disable the software’s auto-promoting of rights in this way? If I somehow get moderator rights because of the forum software (due to trust levels), I’m probably going to leave because I don’t want such rights and want to be able to enjoy being a normal user who doesn’t have the burden of having user rights. :smiley:

(Watcher on the wall) #60

Moderator privileges wont be auto-granted, so no worries there. To get the powers we do, it would have to be manually given.