Welcome to the New Cheese

Maybe cheese, maybe “working as intended,” who knows… but I ran into an interesting strat a little earlier, just thought I should share.

It was Miko + Ghalt, both wearing Mossire’s Mukluks legendary. Miko did nothing but heal, and the two dashed around the map at insane speeds the whole time.

But here’s the really interesting part:

Ghalt only did quick melee. No shotguns, no traps, no chains … nope. Just quick melee
Miko only did heal-beam. No Kunai, no Spores, no hat throw. Just heal beam

And it worked. It worked like crazy.

They dove through our sentry area, apparently too fast for it to target them. They racked up half a dozen early kills before my team figured out what in the merry hell was going on.

It really ended up being a simple matter of CC and Quick Melee. Stun one of them (or both), or slap Miko away from Ghalt. Once the two were separated, even a little bit, they fell pretty quickly.

But yeah … that was strange. Figure it was worth a share

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It only gives a speed boost while you’re being healed, so Miko only gets it while he’s using biosynth. Also not sure why he used Ghalt, but this sounds interesting.

Ghalt has the fastest quick melee, he can spam that knockback pretty hard. Combined with his high health and shotgun damage, he’s bloody hard to kill with a melee char even Phoebe.


This is… Interesting. Thorn would shatter this tactic, AoE slow would put a stop to it pretty quick, and Phoebe could separate them and kill Miko in no time. I’d like to face this, just to see it for myself and show them how to play :wink:

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Yeah… it wasn’t too difficult to counter, once we realized wtf was going on.

Still, it’s the kind if thing that could spark an early surrender against a less organized team.

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Hmm I could see that happening. In that case, this is not good. Let’s hope it doesn’t become a popular play, unless against me 'cause I wanna observe this :stuck_out_tongue:

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This, I hate this about the Sentries so much. They should be a lot more aggressive. I’ve run straight past a Sentry’s face with a Rath on my tail and the Sentry does nothing. That is just ridiculous, especially for a MOBA. Sentry should have torn Rath apart just like a tower in League of Legends would have.

Anyway, this strategy sounds bizarre and stupid. I really think they should take another look at Miko, maybe give him a pool of heal energy that needs to recharge every now and again so he can’t just run around endlessly healing.

Doesn’t seem like a cheese. Seems like two bored people having fun with a chaotic and silly play style.

Ghalt is hardly the most effective pairing.

Yeah… not really sure if it’s cheesy or not. That’s why I put it here: let the play base decide.

The only part that I think might need to be addressed is Ghalt’s quick melee. For a dude rocking shotguns, extra strong melee seems redundant.

It seems that they are whenever they’re targeting me, but whenever I need the sentry to help me, nooooo he’s too busy sitting there to help me.

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It’s just that the AI is “weird” there’s no logic built into it.
Sometimes it targets players over AI, sometimes it targets one minion no matter what, sometimes it targets whatever is closer.

I had a clip where I was at the very back behind a wall, with a full wave and thralls pushed up to the sentry and it just kept targeting me… I’d walk behind the wall, wait a few seconds, walk back out and it would still instantly target me with the laser so I’d have to just walk right back behind the wall.

The sentry almost died while I stood there waiting for the AI to release the target…

It SHOULD work like normal MOBA AI if you ask me. Target any minion in range first, and only target players if the minions are all dead OR if they shoot a player… and target players super aggressively at that point.

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My one hesitation about this would be that if I’m being chased by an enemy player, and I run to my sentry, the sentry should kill them.

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It would kill them, that’s how it works in most MOBA’s, you run to your tower, and enemies don’t hit you unless they want to get hit by the tower.
Oooops, I just realized that while I thought I’d typed it, I forgot to include the “if enemies are in range and they shoot a friendly player, sentry should target them” part.

Yeah, normally the way you down a tower is pushing minions in so that the tower shoots them so you can shoot the tower (or sentry in this case)

You normally wouldn’t even try to shoot an enemy within range of their tower because the tower would wreck your face… you push them out, hurt them enough to make them leave the tower undefended, then push the minions in and wreck the tower. Players deal the most damage to a tower, but because the tower would just wreck you without minions, you need the minions to tank the damage.

You don’t fight under tower unless it’s just to quickly finish a kill because the tower would wreck your face.

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I was sitting in the enemy’s sniper nest, and the sentry killed me while I was behind the wall. Does anybody know if that’s supposed to happen? Do his shots have some kind of aoe to them?

I’ve had them “slip” through that wall too, I think there’s like an invisible crack in it somewhere. It doesn’t happen often, and I’ve never died to it, but I’ve definitely been hit by it.

Ugh. I hope they fix that soon. I pretty much had the sentry down to 52 then BLAM! I’m dead. Through a wall. By a sentry. Who taunted me.

AFAIK it does work exactly like you’ve described.

The problem is that, well, accidents happen. It’s so easy for one stray bullet to clip another player, or someone wanders through your AoE … and suddenly you’re on the sentries s*** list.

lol, see I thought that’s how it worked… until it literally just tracked me cross-map foreeeever

I’m kinda assuming here. It’s really hard to tell amidst all the chaos. The game gets crazy enough under normal circumstances, pile all 10 players into a small space with a pair of turrets, an accelerator and a gaggle if minions, and I have no idea who I’m hitting.

Of I drop a persistent AoE, I just assume it’s hitting a few players.