Well congrats Gearbox...I quit

I play these games mostly because nerfs uusally dont happen all that much, at least in BL1, BL2, BLTPS which were all great games I loved. At this rate BL3 is looking to be my least favorite because of this constant obnoxious nerfing.

I cant stand this philosophy of nerfing everything into mediocrity. Quit trying to force people to use different weapons.

Pretty much the whole list of nerfs pissed me off but the following in particular.

Lucian’s Call: This was perfectly fine as it was so hurray for unnecessary nerfs. It had just enough recoil that it still worked with adjusting aim. Now it will probably be obnoxious to use.
Flakker: Talk about overkill, I don’t even use this one and this nerf disgusted me. Worthless.

Hellwalker: In what world was this over performing. This one pisses me off just because it shows how stupid their philosophy is(mainly the fool in the stream it sounds like)
Crossroad: Not sure what to think of this one, I usually switch to this gun if I need to get something done quick, specially shield killing. Probably unnecessary nerf.
Butcher: stupid and unnecessary.
Hex:…I would have been pissed at either one of these nerfs but both damage and duration? Congrats you ruined the most fun grenade in the game. Not much point in using it now. This is one I didnt even abuse like some people were with Moze. I just enjoyed throwing it occasionally with my Amara because I like flashy effects and elemental stuff. So thanks for ruining that for me.
Firestorm: Didn’t even see this one until now. Really just determined to ruin everyone’s favorite items huh? Didn’t use this one myself but it looked cool. 70% damage nerf wow…worthless.
Laser-Sploder: Great another fun weapon hit unnecessarily. Not sure how much this one effects it. But probably not a needed nerf.

And guess what, none of those buffs makes me want to use those weapons more. Maybe I’d check some out without the stupid nerfs preceding them but I dont like feeling like the developers are trying to force us away from our favorite weapons.

Get a new balance guy, because this current guy doesn’t know how to make a fun PVE game. Maybe this wouldn’t have been such an issue if a lot of it had been done before release but once I’ve had a chance to get used to things and find my favorites I loathe nerfs after the fact. They take all the fun out of it for me.

Which is why I’m quitting. Maybe I’ll come back if they reverse some of this crap or once all the DLC is out which will be a long wait. No desire to come back for the Halloween event at this point, so again congrats Gearbox.


Didnt read the post I see. Nope, not happening. Not unless they fix and reverse this crap and stop with the constant nerfing

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