Well damn. 2 Maps per multiplayer mode

I saw this before else where but hoped it wasn’t correct. Staying number of maps per mode is in fact 2. Luckily they said plenty more coming for free.

I’m not much of a competitive player, but isn’t it usually 1 map chosen to be the platform for all competitive games?

In comparison to MOBAs yes, but shooters generally have a lot more maps. And mind you this is the general game, not just the competitive side

I’d much rather have six well-crafted maps than ten or twenty generic FPS maps any day.


Honestly, I like this idea of 2 maps per mode. They are probably hanging on to the other maps and watching data about snowballing, turret placement, etc to see the balance of each gamemode on each map. From that point, they can use what they have learned to better balance these new maps and release balanced maps for the gamemode rather than shipping all maps that could have multiple balance issues.

Like dr. Kleese said, rather have six amazing maps rather than 10-20 average maps. LoL has 1 main map that people have played for years…

Let’s hope that those two maps per mode are incredibly well balanced

the fewer the better, imo. i hate map diversity in a competitive setting. in something that is purely a shooter and ohk’s are a thing, then it does suck if you are a sniper and all it is is tight corners and tunnels. it also sucks if you like shotguns but the only maps are a mile wide with large open spaces. but this game is much more like a moba than it is like a shooter. the only thing really fps about it is the view.

i prefer to have a very short list of maps. then everyone knows every nook and cranny and it is balanced

i didnt follow you there. no counter strike experience. are you saying they end up tying?

Most competitive games I play just keep themselves to one or 2 maps per mode. Like on TF2, I see mostly Dustbowl games. Yeah players go onto other maps, and when new maps are introduced they are played, but they always come back to Dustbowl.

Do they do TF2 tournaments? Didn’t realize it had a competitive scene. Oo I would be interested to see a game or two of that.

Here’s one that’s recent.

My thoughts exactly