Well Gbox, whats coming in tweaks patches?

Obviously we need something to stop the flood of players quitting and to keep new players. Be transparent and give us hints as to what your data shows and what you are thinking of changing…

faster story modes? checkpoint to continue story mode when party wipes?

speed up the grind? add 3rd person view a la smite? balance?

premades only against premades? solo’s get nice fast q’s only facing each other?

put some more compelling rewards into the grind aside from color swaps and characters?

more maps? more modes? faster shard acquisition in pvp so legendaries become worthwhile for casual players that frequently get under 1k shards in an entire match?

nerf advanced story?

cmon do something… don’t just give up…

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The patch is going through certification so wait another month plx.

We actually need a proper nerf on Miko. Kehkehkeh.
Anyway, I’m quite sure that we got bunch of stuff to do in this game. I’m rank 94, got about 150 hours of gameplay and I really, really enjoy it. The problem is that there are lots of hyped hipsters that gets bored of this game quite easily. “Did I bought the game for THIS?!” Most of us are aware of that game just got released, even if it is around for quite sometime.I’m sure that this company works on new stuff but I really could appreciate if they would inform us about future content, ideas, or tweaks that will happen in future. On the other hand, the gaming industry runs around popular games, League of Legends is being the best example. Secondly, there are lots of people who chose to play Overwatch because of (you know, Blizzard.) the advertisements and trailers that was much better than Battleborn’s but sadly people are too easily to be convinced to do something with proper advertising. I’ve played both, and I liked Battleborn much more than I do Overwatch. I’ve first found out this game by an accident while I trying to google “Bloodborne” but rather I wrote “Battleborn” and here I am. I’m quite sure that Gearbox isn’t slow about updating their games but if you think the opposite, Battleborn’s advertisement is ground zero compared to lots of games at the same genre.
So sadly if they want to have a loyal playerbase(just like me!), they have to make others know about this game. As I said, popular games are traps. You have to find a way to de activate the trap.

I thought most people were against 3rd person.
If your only getting 1k shards you need to learn how to play whats next auto crits because you cant aim?
The game been out for less than a month its not uncommon to not have dlc yet and we already got a new character.
Balence? Its not even that big a deal there is rath ult and alani though that is highly debated. Tody needing a buff. Small things.

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The FoV could be widened more for melee characters. I like playing with Bolder, but I feel as though I would be much more effective with him if his periphery was better; seeing how his axe and shield takes up a good part of the screen.

Season pass can be counted as DLC as well as Alani.

This game is quickly going down the same route as the division. I am not optimistic about the future to saythe least. Let’s go over their shortcomings.

Constant nerfs to apparent op characters but no buffs to those that need it.

Super painful lore challenges that not only cause severe headaches to accomplish, but screw with the entire PvP aspect of the game.

The character experience given is horrendous. Having the amount you get be based on how long you are in a match for basically is laughable. Let’s do the math quickly. A 30 minute game grants you about 50 exp. Now the amount you need to get rank 15 with someone is around 3k give or take. So really it takes about 30 hours of actually gameplay to max out someone. How does no one find this ridiculous!?

Last is the lack of any rewards to strive for… You rank up your character to get lazy recolor skins. You get money to buy packs of gear you already have and other recolor skins. The drop rate of taunts is non existent. Tier 2 skins are already in the game but locked for some assanine reason for which I will never know.

If they really have the pipedream of making this an esport game, they might want to stop driving people away.

It is nice that this game makes you to spend a considerable amount of time to reach rank 15 with a character, which is fair. Someone must be able to play a character in all aspects after they reach rank 14/15 with it. Character ranks aren’t candy boxes that has been there for you to take a candy every few levels, in 1-2 games, to get those skins and loot packs. Character ranks are implemented to track your progress. Its a shame if that you rather focus on your character rank more than enjoying your character, or the rewards or exclusive titles it gives you after you finish up all lore challenges and reach rank 15.
On the other hand, I totally agree with the constant nerfs, but less buffs to those who needs.
I’m seeing this lately, as measuring a games success or popularity through “eSports” term is not much of a valid argument. Lately the tournaments especially in MOBA typed games are quite popular. A game in this genre can be more casual, or competitive, without making it reach to “professional state”. I and some other players play this game because we enjoy it, not because I’m having the plans to make money through it. So does the majority CAN do that to have fun, while playing competitively without reaching global or national aspects through tournaments, which is possible.
I really, really would like to have more skin options in game, as well as adjusting the color schemes of skins at certain ranks, like not making all level fourteen ranks with the same color scheme but making it with different color combinations. For further skin options, like tier 2 ones you mentioned, there can be a different buyable chest just for skins(with %100 chance with a decent price), maybe a different lootpack for each faction just like the get-your-gear ones.

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Exp needed to hit 15 for any character is 2500. Done it twice already. Its not fun. If I combined all the exp ive gotten on other none 15 characters, id have enough to get another to 15 easy. Its not a fun grind to be honest.

On topic:

Gearbox, in my experience, don’t tend to announce things before they are sure they will go into the game. Some people find this difficult, but they’d rather not get people all excited and then have it break something in testing.

Well its possible to drag planned patches to future/before while ensuring that it will happen with preparing and testing it. Lots of games has public test realms, or their own staff that analyzes the planned future changes to adjust it to present properly. We are not asking something impossible, confirm a change, don’t release it now but in future and that will work. Some (unofficial I assume) League sites does share the upcoming future changes with the community warning that the changes may not be final. Personally if Gearbox would consider leaving the data to discuss of an upcoming hotfix, costume, character or maps with me or with others and listen what we say, I would be rather more satisfied and motivated with the future releases even if something very different than what I fictionalized happened but knowing that I and others discussed to make something more appropriate for the players in this community. Letting the players to design a costume for a character, or new ideas for new game modes(if they plan to release) or new maps and than implementing those ideas into the game would be really, really motivational and nice. If they give us the opportunity, I would love to create possible skin ideas for characters in this game.

Ok its still not uncommon to not release dlc until after 2 months not including the season pass. As that not dlc just a pass that you have paid for to get the dlc.