Well, guess I kinda killed the replay value unintentionally

With FL4K being a possible exception, every class in this game is OP. The choice is not whether you’re going to spend your time facerolling, but which specific type of facerolling you enjoy.

I main a cryo Zane with the Recurrent Hex, the Clairvoyance and Icebreaker assault rifles, a Seein’ Dead class mod, an Icebreaker relic for extra cryo efficiency and damage vs frozen targets, and the Beskar shield, because I enjoy playing a wierd speedrunning hybrid of the Mandalorian (in terms of the Beskar, and the Recurring Hex coincidentally functioning very similarly to Mando’s whistling birds) and Salvador from Borderlands 2, who can instantly turn large crowds of mobs into shattered ice statues. It’s not the best build for bossing, but it is VERY good in the circles of slaughter.

Moze is different. She’s essentially the Dalek class. I haven’t gone far into the game with her yet, but as a Doctor Who fan, once or twice when using Iron Bear, I’ve mentally yelled, “EXTERMINATE!” which feels very satisfying.

I think Iron Bear’s long cooldown is what makes me less enthusiastic about Zane than Moze, though. Is there any way to reduce that much? I haven’t really looked yet.

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Flame com.
Check this out, search for Banjo Bear.

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Thank you for this. I need to keep levelling my Moze.

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I just realized I forgot to paste the link I told you to check out :-p


Dang it! Now all I want is a Dalek head cosmetic for Moze.


I assume Iron Bear isn’t skinnable, sadly.

IB is kind of skinnable. It would be based on Moze’s skin. At least that’s how it works for most Moze skins. So if they did a Dalek/Dr. Who skin for Moze there would be a version that applies to IB. You can see it applied when you hop out of IB, or in the character skill tree card.

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Iron cub looks cool with the freedom fighter skin

I think the site is BS.

Same stats 6 days later at 5am EST. And the US is a third of their player base. So by that metric(200000+), 70000 players in the US at 5 AM or earlier? Don’t think so.

They likely list the stats from who knows when and just paste them. Asked me to whitelist so they can make ad money.

Edit: The only site I could find was Steam only metric. BL3 had ~4500 players, Destiny 2 ~ 34000 Warframe had ~44000.
BL2 still had over 2000!
Of course this is Steam only.

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