Well.... I guess I got the hang of killing the damn GraveWard

After much trial and tribulation, I think most of my characters have gotten the hang of killing the GraveWard. I still haven’t all of my characters up to GraveWard, but I guess I will have this done in about 2-3 weeks.

{hey! I am busy, and I cannot play every day}

And, as a bonus, I figured out where the Typhon DeadDrop is in that {darn} garden.


Once I get all of my characters to kill GraveWard, the next mission is the Agonizer 9000.

My very first character was probably “on level” which is why I got my {butt} handed to me. Now, I do side-quests to at least get to “on-level” before killing any “bad guys”.


If you can whittle his health down to half before he adds the extras, he’s pretty easy. Plus his crit spots are well marked.

Agonizer 9000 ironically provides the best weapon for killing Agonizer 9000, a Corrosive Backburner (preferably with 200 splash ASE). Turns that into a 2 shot fight.

Graveward is pretty easy :wink:

probably the most fun boss in the game :smiley: the mobs where what got me though when i was still leveling.

This. After they updated and allowed you to get a Mayhem 10 Backburner farming Agonizer 9000 was doable but took time. Anarchy was the gun that was working best against him. Once I got a corrosive Backburner, Agonizer became a joke to farm.

Congrats on owning Grave-boi :clap:


That {darn} tilting platform is a {bad-word}!

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Nah :wink: just jump, jump, jump, dodge orbs, jump, and you’ll stop sliding :wink:

Or just slide into the hole/jump into left hole before he tilts :blush:

Just wait until you’re watching the rampager doing his immunity stage :joy: that’s a {bad word }

Concerning sliding into a hole:

Nope, I don’t do that, since GraveWard pukes some noxious junk into those holes… I stay as far back as I can, to avoid his barfing orbs after the ledge tilts, stay as far away from the beastie as I can. At the same time I am using the “hanging chad” COV weapon and I almost constantly shooting it. I don’t aim at its critical spots since my weapon is ON FIRE and I can’t see a {darn} thing… thus far, it has worked for me, and I generally ignore those “other critters” unless I need a “fight for your life” situation, THEN they get roasted!

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Pretty good for a guy who had a stroke, isn’t it?


Jump 3 or 4 times and you’ll stop falling, iirc the orbs pass over the holes and I never went into ffyl after the first time I fought him :joy:

And not aiming for his obvious and huge critspots… That’s like shooting yourself in the foot no matter how you look at it :sweat_smile:

His chest is easy to hit without aim, his hand are flipping huge when exposed and again require next to no aim and his head… If you’re not doing selfdamage with your guns you can skullf*** him to death in 3 critspots right in front of you :joy::joy::joy:

Learning his phases is helpful. He has a tell before each phase.

He always presents his left (your right) hand directly after his first platform tilt. The big yellow orb he holds gives the most crit damage. It is easy to hit with shotguns. His chest spot is also good for crits but can be hard to hit. He does a fist plunge with his right (your left) hand which is also a good spot for crit damage. This also releases 2 jabbas which are good for second winds.

His other attacks are an arm sweep, easily avoided by running forward to the front of the platform. a corrosive vomit that spawn badass grogs, and a beam of fire damage.

At my first playthrough i thought GraveWard is a pushover. So much videos of guys wrecking him left and right. Oh boy! Was i wrong. This was such a long fight! I were barely scraping him, he was doing so much nasty damage. So, this is a real deal!

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Jump into the hole on the left and wait for the orbs to pass overhead. Then jump out and waste him. Takes me one magazine on 60/10 with a Molten The Monarch. As soon as he’s dead I immediately “quit” the game, then I wait minutes for the zone to reload :frowning: I’m doing this to farm Guardian Levels (takes just over 10 minutes per level) EDIT: that was at 250. Now, at 352 it takes me 16 kills per token instead of 8+

Agonizer wrecked me the first time through. Then I discovered the Linoge. It was revenge time. I want to go back to him and try out my Gargoyle (DLC drop) on him. Given that it is a Linoge on steroids it should be interesting. Though I do need to get myself a plague bearer.