Well I'm done with Battleborn

Not by choice, after the PS4 update my console wouldn’t work. All I get is a black screen with no sound. Tried different HDMI cables and even other TV/Monitors. The good news is it’s under warranty still and talked to Sony to send it in. Still it will be around 3 weeks til I get it back. Hopefully BB will still have a community when I return. Til then cya later.

Am I the only one confused here?


He’s just trying to say he can’t play the next three weeks so he’s hoping our game doesn’t die. Which it won’t

Aw, well that blows!

I’d be totally devastated, I love my PlayStation…
If only PS had a ‘lease’ system, like a temporary lender from another game store (like a pre owned PS) until you got your own system back…
Sucks they don’t offer such a thing, however.

I’m sure we will still all be here when you return…
I hope you keep your sanity while you are without your console for the next 3 weeks.

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