Well...I'm done

Whenever asked about the best video game of all time, Homeworld has to rank up there. And so man was I excited to hear about Remastered…and from the team that gave us Borderlands 2?! Many an unmanly squeal escaped mine lips when the news first broke.

So perhaps my disappointment can be imagined when Remastered finally arrived. Bugs everywhere, and core mechanics completely botched. I really can’t imagine a testing team saying “yep…this is good for release”. The only thing going for it was high definition. Yeah it’s pretty, but pretty doesn’t make a good game.

Flash forward nearly a year, and formations still don’t work, ships still turn around and face the wrong way whenever shooting strike craft bound by gravwells. The aggression settings are crap, dev updates haven’t been seen in months. Oh and multiplayer is STILL in beta!

Yeah its time to call it. This ship has sunk. I’m no longer excited about future patches, if they ever come. I’m no longer excited about Shipbreakers, or Sands of Kharak, or whatever its called. I hope Gearbox finally fixes the issues they’ve talked about fixing, and I hope someone is still around to enjoy the game. I’ll still fondly remember the original.


Although you are justified with your frustration and disappointment, your misgivings are very ill-timed: literally hours ago there were updates from devs indicating a huge patch on the way with a completely new ship movement code.

To me, it looks very hopeful that the game will be in a much better state in the coming months, or perhaps even earlier.



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Well here’s to hoping. I’ll poke my head in the doorway from time to time in hopes of seeing some good changes. My fear is that the patches to which he’s referring are still many months away. We may get some notes beforehand, but I don’t see this arriving anytime soon. Having said that…I would be very happy to be proven wrong.


Yeah, they haven’t indicated when it will be released. I hope it’s sooner rather than later; there are huge amounts of the community who simply will not return to this game if left in its current state for much longer, not to mention the people who won’t play the vanilla game without mods like Homeworld Complex (also awaiting the release of this patch), regardless of the base game.


Like I said before, it was a big waste of time to try and work with the old code instead of doing it properly to start with. Nothing good was possible without major source level changes.

It’s a shame they couldn’t get it fixed up in time for the holiday sales. News about a big improvement along with holiday sales could have led to a big boost in sales.

Then again, maybe after holiday sales have calmed down is better.

Anyway, I came back to see if things were fixed yet. Looks like I have my answer.

Is there a date on when this patch will be released yet?

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high pitched voice, flashlight under chin In the year 2000…



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I think it’s funny you used this image. Do you know where its from? There is a lot of history behind it.

Also, I think the longer the developers take, the better. Why wouldn’t we want more resources, time, and energy expended on this?

Rushing to get something out, more often than not, causes problems.


Interesting that you consider more than 6 months rushing.

Certainly feels like rushing on my end… I look forward to some slower-paced work. :smile:




To be honest I’m really amazed with what gearbox is doing with this game.
They got really good reviews from gaming sites, they sold a lot of copies, pretty much a success, so why they keep working on it, looking into a financial way it is wrong to keep spending resources on it, they already got most of the money and the product got a good reception, it is not likely they gonna profit more if they keep improving it, not at all.
But despite this financial way of looking things, they keep improving it, a lot, and they are giving to us players everything that we are requesting.
Idk if they wanna erase that bad reputation of milking franchises that they got with duke nukem and colonial marines, if it is just respect for the franchise, or something else, I just know that it is pretty amazing, I never saw a company go this far with support.


Gearbox, in their role as a developer for HW:R and as publisher for HW:DoK, seem to be giving the IP a certain amount of respect. And Homeworld deserves that respect.


Exactly, so we should give them the same respect and don’t complain about release dates :slight_smile: (not aimed at you concordion2k)


It’s pretty simple.

There are short term financial gains and there are long term gains, including and more than just financial. You either continue to support your product, or you don’t.

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they did a great work with the remaster in terms of graphic. they did a great job on HW2.

homeworld 1 however, lost its “soul” of its uniqe gameplay mechanic with the remaster version. right now, im playing cataclysm again - and all the movement of the ships, this tiny details how a group of ships act to each other in the space - even with the bad graphics for today standard - makes a lot of fun and give me a feeling, i missed when i was playing the campaign of HWR.

so im very glad that they are working on a patch, because they saw that HW 1 is not working as the (hardcore-)communit sees it, and if the do a good job im so happy that the homeworld franchise is in realy good hands and i am willing to buy the next homeworld games from gearbox, without a bad feeling.