Well..maliwan takedowns back to...i dunno. Wotan 0 dedicateds June 17th 2020. Gbx Can you guys keep the game stable?

I just did the maliwan takedown all. Normal world drops i get everywhere except the valkyries. At m10
Wotan dropped all world drops i was hoping for any of his dedicated.

I got rebel yell. Handsome jackhammer and a bucha generic legendary shields and grenade mods i get from everywhere. 0 class.mods even.

I also farmed skrakk for over n hour hoping to see skekskill or whatever that cov pistol is to see if its viable at m10… Never even seen the thing… Saw a few barrages amd then every generic legendary in the game. Also i got mostly purples and greens for everything.

With ppl getting Vanquisher at the new takedown i wonder whats the point of playing anymore.

At least valkyries drop shields properly again but wotan was… Nothing.

The constant bugs every week is… Just too weird and upsetting atm. Im not some streamer who gets items sent to him or someone trading items.

Infact i stay from…trading as soon as i realized theres modded items out there. Its like.damn… Cant even. Farm for yourself… At least not at reasonable times.:’(

This is far too long with too many loot issues and mayhem 10 issues. This is beyond frustrating. Every week breaks something new or removes something that worked.

Can you please clean up your loot.tables and the game? Arent we supposed to see an increase of loot at m10? Why is the farm so horrible… Bl2 was nothing compared to this rng nightmare… Its not even satisfying and ima nutcase who doesnt mind farming.


Bad rng. I just finished maliesn takedown and i got 3 kybs and a tiggs.

You ever notice how some ppl frequently have no rng issues and some consistently dont get crap. 4 platforms. Different issues each.

The other night with agonizer i killed hin way over 3 hours straight and hes a easy spam with.my own backberner to kill. Hours open hours got maybe 7.

Some ppl get 30 in 1 hr. Outta that lot o got one anoint id use.

While pll will say well im fine* otheres will literally see theyte not… Feel drowned out n well other pll id see here regularly just quit.

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You wanted Mayhem, you get Mayhem :joy:
Seriously though, on M10 the takedown bosses should have a 100% chance to drop one of their dedicated items.


I thought that was the case a week ago! It was like that! Consistently saw 2. Logged in last night to this morning… Valks drop but wotans like before.
. and before it broke valks n made wotan work for me.

Hell i think i had a crap ton running forum and some one elsea post alao on takedown drop issues after each hotfix.

Finally thought it was ok till now.

Bad rng yeah right… This game is becoming a waste of life.

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That is all games :+1:


If it makes ya happy and relieves stress and ur having fun its not a waste.

Since mayhem 2.0 games been lettin me down. I dunno shelf it till dlc 3 i go.


I commented to my co-op buddy that the phrase that comes to mind most often now is ‘what a shame’

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There are a number of people on this forum who love to always jump in and tell you that drops are fine on everything. I think that they’re playing a different game than I am. Terrible drops are the biggest reason why I quit playing.


I was playing Maliwan Takedown on M8 last nigjt and I didnt get a Redistributer until the 5th run. Although on the 3rd run I got a double double drop of 2 Moonfires and 2 Kybs. Not bad but also not what I was after.

I frequently have runs on maliwan where I get 0 dedicated drops but then I have other ones where I get like 6-7 per run so it averages out.

0 is a hard number to swallow. But don’t u usually have sick luck with drops?! Lmao

I did 3 hrs thenother night on aggo you got like what 30? I got 7 after 3 hrs. Rifcule

Forgive me.for misspelling his name got like one? Lol…

I know some ppl are lucky i happen to have 12 luck yet i get the worst luck since mayhem 2.0.

Im gonna end up having to garfield skip, which i dont like doing.

Still i gotta say i remember doi g warden a literal 7 hours n saw 2 plagues over the course of days. 1 from 7 hrs.

Ppl are like.the games fine work harder. Heh hehh hahahaahahahaa aghaahahaah joker laughs

I got another 3 drop just now, a redis, tiggs and kybs. All 3 have crap anoints but still good drops.

Means the world to me ya said that. Thanks.

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Yea, specifically on agonizer I get great drops for some reason lol. Don’t ask me why, I’m not complaining about that one haha