Well that was a waste of time

New takedown can suck it. All the things I hate in one spot.


You can say that again. :joy: Pure waste of time that is :smile:


Hi can you explain what you mean? I don’t understand what wasted time?

I seriously want to know who thought it was a good idea to have stupid platform jumps and silly puzzles, in a game mode that all about min-maxing your build for optimal killing. Oh and it’s a mode that screws you over if you die, so yeah, good luck with the jump, because you can’t even hope for a second wind or friend to revive you.

This patch is a slap in the face of the player base. It’s like if you want to a restaurant (remember that experience) and ordered a steak and they brought you a bowl of hooves and BS.


Remember how in BL2 DLC4 they were making fun of platforming?


jump puzzles, extremely spongey enemies, lots of cliffs to fall off (or get launched off by enemies), the whole crystal mechanic…
I just wasted like 15 mins trying to charge the 3 crystals in front of the temple. I simply couldn’t complete it because I wasn’t able to kill the enemies fast enough for me to charge the crystals and they just kept spawning. (M10 with a build and gear that was maliwan TTD ready btw)
I was really looking forward to the new takedown but after trying it I have to say that i really don’t like it the least bit. I’m going to lower the mayhem now just so i can finish this once and then I’m going to walk away from it for now.


They took everything fun, and obliterated it.


Very succinct and accurate review. :joy:


It isn’t like the Guardian Takedown can’t be fun, it’s just that the negatives overshadow the positives currently. First impressions are important, and this one didn’t have the best introduction to itself.


Yeah but you finally get to use that “while airborne” anointment for a couple seconds as you fall to your death! WINNING!


Sure. Platforming on a game with so so controls for such, when death means you start the entire level over, with hordes of mobs who have 1/3rd as much HP as a boss , and instagib mechanics that are very difficult to avoid as a solo player… it all adds up to a whole pile of ‘■■■■ this’


Yea, lets give the two most powerful VH’s some super speed and narrow paths and cliffs to fall off of … Beautiful idea

Jumping puzzles always suck, but I can deal with it. The insta-death crystals are really what ruin this for me.

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Not to mention even if you have god tier loot it takes an hour to complete if you can even complete it without something happening to you like falling off/being bumped off by huge pushback attacks.
Now take that time of completion and combine it with the HORRENDOUS chance you currently have to get a desired drop of an item and you have what I like to call “Hell on Earth” lol

Oh yeah, that one was so rough. Three of us, from M10 down to M5, before we called it quits.

It’s not that players went down. It’s that every single enemy would knock reviving players away. So it’s awesome that it only took them 9 months to address the reviving issues. But the fixes are useless when trash mobs are knocking players around like rag dolls.

I’d give GBX an F for this patch, but that would imply that they at least tried but failed. Instead they did everything they could to obliterate any amount of fun. Why bother farming or playing when any gains you make are completely undone in the next patch?


Wow, there are platform elements in the new no-revive takedown? So sad to realize I was right to quit playing this game after the failed maliwan takedown loot “improvement” during the cartel event. I was hoping to come back to these forums and see some indications that someone is righting the ship, but clearly the ship is sinking faster.


Tell me about it. The second I seen that I could hear Mordecai say "A jumping puzzle? really? sigh*

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Imagine if they stopped nerfing the weapons so we atleast had a chance to have fun in the new raid.

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Yeah fall deaths and jump puzzles should just be non-starters as part of CORE gameplay. When it was something we did to get to a minor side quest like turning off a radio or getting a statues…whatever. They have now done that on Xylourgos (I know there were theoretically ways to not jump on the Scholar fight) and in the GT. This game does not have the type of controls for good platforming (way to floaty and first person is friggin lethal).

Bad guys gave me no real issue but I lost untold millions to mantle issues and platforming. In the end, not one Takedown drop…