Well that was random

So this is pretty random i think but i just had a legendary loot wee war loader come out of the first pod on the left connected to the top nd bottom as soon as you get into wildlife exploit… ne one else hav3 them come up in a random place like that?

LLM can come out of any container (boxes, skag piles, “snot” balls, trash bins, etc.). So yeah.

Those hanging sacs (particularly on that first growth as you enter the map) produce maybe a third of all the “wild” (as in, not mission-bound in that room in the specimen lab) Legendary Loot Midgets I come across in the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve? On that map, when I’m looking for LLMs, I open everything.


Yes the first hanging sac on the left a llwm came out of one

Had that happen multiple times. Also, in the stalker pen just past the Specimen Maintenance building (the “box room” building) - had several LLMs surprise me from the goo piles there.

@D1rtyk0rpz Ran with a friend once, and we had crazy luck in Thousand Cuts. I remember LLMs were popping everywhere – something like 5 in one pass, IIRC. And later in WXP, we had a Legendary Loot Engineer (I think?) jump out of one of the sap pods at the base of a tree on the way from the FTS to the 1st checkpoint.

I’ve had them pop out all over the place in the Wildlife. I never open a container, Skag pile or any Stalker goo/poo without a weapon ready.

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