Well they broke Attikus's pounce

So we’ve noticed after playing Attikus since the last update that his pounce is actually… sooo much better now and with the added health he can jump in silence/slow and actually not get murdered looking for the target he knocked halfway across the map when he landed. One problem though. If Attikus get’s knocked back while pouncing he can fly. Now I already feel like they broke the quick melee’s knockback, because now (at least with Alani and a few others I’ve played) I’m no longer able to knock away Rath as he throws me into the air and supers, but characters like Oscar Mike can quick melee you into a wall and keep you there. If we base knockback on the size of characters, Attikus is LITERALLY the biggest character besides Montana. He shouldn’t be thrown way off course while pouncing because OM tapped him with the butt of his gun.


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As Attikus as one of my mains I can relate to this. As it only happened once sense the patch it doesn’t seem like much of an issue. But to fix this they would have to make Attikus unable to move or be relocated while starting his pounce. Kinda like super armor in Smash Bros. Don’t quote me on this but I don’t think a single ability has that ability. Again not sure as I haven’t tested all of that. Still odd thing to have happen to ya huh?

You wanna see some fun? Target attys pounce directly In front of him…make sure ya got plenty of vertical head room lol.

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That was something I accidentally did after this update came out. Pretty interesting to watch though lol

…Maxing Atti now and playing Sabo advanced, that part on the rails outside where all the Thrall mob you…
OMG be careful with this :smile: