Well, this is neat

My OCD is screaming at me to never take any more BA points. If I do, it will be ruined, RUUUUUUIIIIIIIIIINED. The only thing that would have made it better would have been a rank of 15151 but I didn’t even notice my rank, just the stats.


eh I can’t figure out how to get the image to display from Steam, so I’ll just upload it to here.


Ha! I’m exactly the same! I put points into damage, fire rate and reload speed until they are a couple of percent above the rest, then I fill the others up until they are equal.

Easy solution to the problem - just farm BAR until you’re at 151515 :wink:

Mine would probably drive you crazy then. I am all over the dog gone place.

My chaotic nature would force me to destroy that orderliness.



Must… look… awaaaaaaaayyyyyy. :::::(((((((((((((((((((((((

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Good job. Or luck. Or whatever you think that brought you up to that numbers.

Mines all over the place too, I just don’t see much use in some of them compared to others. That Max health of only 1 has got me reeling though, I would never do that personally.

Orderly badass points? What is this nonsense?

Ive got around 19% to health, 17% to gun damage, 15% to elemental effect chance (I use a lot of elemental weapons, if you get this high enough, it’s bonkers) and 13% to everything else except melee and elemental damage, cause those are poop.

Smash the system!

And all I can think of is, “Nice hat!”

Out of all of his heads, that’s the one I like the best.

I wonder why

How on earth are folks able to get Gun Damage soooo far above anything else? I am FORCED to have level statistics between all skills because of what is offered…

Is there a trick to this?

Save and quit if not offered something you want when you try to cash in a token??

I think most of us tend to avoid 3-4 of the stats. Not sure why, but it tends to help.