Wellinton Health and Joy crashing issues

(skunkfu1x) #1

I have a few issues on my end with the game.
first one and a Big one with me is The story mission where Arthur have to go to the Wellington Health institute have’s major crashes issues, sometimes it crashes when you try going in, some times it crashes before you reach the lab and classrooms, some times it crashes when big explosions happens.

another big issue is that sometimes when the auto save kicks in while being inside the institute it will not load the game at all, same goes for manual save as well rendering it completely unplayable.

Another issue is around Wellington wells as a whole or where most of the lights are at cause when you take joy, sometimes it causes the game to slow down or crash however it doesn’t crash right away and it also could just be a random case of it being only the auto save which sometimes it does happen, i get moments when i want to save or i dont notice the auto save is active it usualy crashes at that point it takes awhile but it does happen when the auto save doesnt pop up or im unable to save period.