Welp... I guess that's it

Third day in a row of trying to get into a game, even a bot game with other people so you only need 5, all at different times of the day. I’m sure Gearbox employees are frustrated by the extreme lack of getting the word out, but I can’t PLAY the game. I very much WANT to play the game, but nobody knows about it I guess.

Damn shame.

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Battleborn 200 players. Paladins 18+к. RIP

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Welcome to the PC player base experience since September 2016.

Then invite your friends and play in a group with them, or join the Battleborn Discord and organise a group. There are lots of little thing you can do to help make this game not only better for you, but for everyone else too :wink:

Just play Overwatch or Paladins then.