Welp, it was nice knowin ya kid (Firmware Update 1.51C Nerf)

Firmware Update 1.51C: Added a 15 second internal cooldown on the legendary effect

So that means no more pillar spam for Orendi. I feel without that she’s just going to be a small dog with no bite. She wont even be able to escape a Bolder bum rushing her because her push is going to be on cooldown.
I can see an internal cooldown of 5 seconds or so just so she cant abuse it with her burst of skills. 15 seconds seems like a very long time just for a 30% chance to decrease your cooldowns.

Just speculation for now but I feel this could really bring Orendi down.

Good because she could spam her ult every 30 sec.


Late game Orendi was a damn beast and this gear definitely had a big part in that. Coupled with her Legendary, she could wipe out just about anyone if the stars aligned and she got her cooldowns.
Maybe this will be a bit better but I still feel 15 seconds could be a bit much.

This is exactly why I encourage people to spend less time with legendaries. They’re a crutch, you don’t need them and they actually make you worse at the game. You can play Orendi at a very high level without excessively strong gear.


But why would you?
If I have gear that cools me down faster and makes multiple people get hit by my ult instead of 1 why wouldnt I use it?
On that note, it would be interesting to have a “gearless” playlist. Not double hug or Bola’s, just straight up skill.

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As great as firmware was good on her, she didn’t really need it to be effective. Her helix and mutations is what gives her viability which can be still be affected by non legendary gear.


Pretty much exactly because of that last line. I prefer to win on skill rather than gear, I find it more fun. I don’t blame anyone for using gear the game gives them, but I suggest using them less often because in this instance for example had you played with her without relying on legendaries, you’d probably be more confident that you can still play Orendi at a high level.

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Talking of Orendi, did the update fix that gear combo glitch where she could spam pillar fire constantly with no cooldown and quite literally fly around the map? I think there were a couple of other characters similarly affected.

It brings Orendi down if you were one of those who could only abuse Pillarstorm :wink:


That’s the name of the game man, get that damage out as fast as possible

Or you could learn to use her Pillars and you know, be skillful :stuck_out_tongue:


but mah spam

NO! NO MORE ORENDI SKILLESS SPAM!! I’m so happy :slight_smile:


If someone needed a friggin’ legendary to deal a ton of damage with Orendi, then they didn’t freaking deserve to play as Orendi.

Double Hug is not nearly as effective as you give it credit for. Originally, you had to buy Hug, throw a mine, and then let the cooldown elapse before you got the double mines rolling. Since its nerf, the cooldown reduction effect resets on death and silence, meaning that on those occasions you have to throw a mine out and wait for the skill to refresh at normal speed before it’ll start applying the -75% cooldown every other mine. Meanwhile, you still get to enjoy the gimped damage. It’s not reliable enough, as a result.